You Don’t Need Life Insurance

With the greatest majority of articles giving you good and not so good reasons why you should have life insurance,I thought it would be refreshing for someone to tell you that maybe you don’t. Lets think about this for a minute. Imagine that you are on a deserted island, if you die no one will know and no one will care and since no one else is there, you can’t even name a beneficiary. You can always leave it to your estate but you don’t have that either. Lets consider this seemingly light-hearted example. After all, the purpose of life insurance is to somehow affect another person or people after you die and if no one else is with you on this island then, again, you have no need at all for life insurance.

Now, lets bring it closer to home. You live somewhere in the USA, somehow you can think of no one who will be affected after you die, then you say to yourself “yep, I don’t need life insurance“. The thing is though, can you really think of no one? A friend, a partner in business, a spouse, a parent, a neighbor, an entire city… Oh wait, I am doing it too! I just proved to myself that everyone who does not live on an island could benefit or help someone benefit from life insurance.

I was really trying to figure out a reason why you would not need any. Maybe, some rich guys with lots of money would not need life insurance. But then, why is it that these guys seem to carry the largest amounts of life insurance? Strange beings, aren’t they? And the reasons they give are taxes, larger estate at a cheap price, just want to die even more of a millionnaire (greed)… In other words, even these rich guys want to somehow affect their world in as big a way as possible.

How about a little teeny baby with no possessions? Well, they need it too it seems! I will let you think about that one and all the other scenarios you can think of – as long as you don’t live on a deserted island of course. If you can think of reasons or of people who would not need life insurance, I beg you to write to me. My response will be prompt or I will just be totally embarrassed. Be well….and get the life insurance you need or just enjoy your deserted island.

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