Xiaomi Mi 5 Expected Specifications – A Quick Look

Xiaomi is now become the third largest smartphone manufacturer around the world. The Chinese company attains this record without selling its smartphones outside Asia. So it’s a unique record in itself. Recently Xiaomi has released a smartphone in its Mi series. Mi 4 is the smartphone which is released in the August 2014 in China. Still this smartphone is not released in India. But Xiaomi Mi4 has gained a lot of buyers’ engagement all over the world. This smartphone has broken many records after its launch. People of India are still waiting eagerly for this smartphone.

For those who are a big fan of Xiaomi Mi series there is some good news for them. After few months Xiaomi will release one smartphone in Mi series. Yes you probably guess the name as well. Xiaomi Mi5 may be release after few months. Its predecessor got a lot of engagement due to its similar look with IPhone 6. Many people named that smartphone as “Chinese IPhone”. So it will be interesting to see the design concept of Xiaomi Mi5. But given below are some expectations of specifications with this smartphone.

Design – Ultra Sleek

Well the design of this smartphone is not confirmed yet. But there are chances that this smartphone will continue to look like an IPhone. Due to the design of IPhone its predecessor became famous all over the world. It is expected that MI5 will come in the screen size of 5.3 inch – 5.5 inch, as Xiaomi likes to make its smartphone sleeker. So there are chances that this model will come with ultra-sleek design.

QHD or Retina HD Display

Mi 4 came in the market with HD display. So you can expect a better Quad High Definition display in Xiaomi Mi5. There are also chances that Mi 5 may come with retina HD display.


Last smartphone in this series came with Quad core Snapdragon processor, as this is sufficiently good processor. So there are less chances of processor upgrades. There is no problem came out in term of performance for Mi4. However it may upgrade the RAM to 4 GB. Graphics may also be upgraded.

Camera – More Stunning Pictures

Camera of Xiaomi is sufficiently good. Mi 4 features rear camera of 13 MP. It is possible that Xiaomi will replace some lens in the successor to improve picture quality. Chances of camera upgrade are less but an upgrade to 15MP camera is also possible. It is expected that Xiaomi Mi5 will feature front of 10 MP with LED flash to capture awesome selfies.

Storage – External Storage

Xiaomi Mi4 came in two memory variants i.e. 16 GB and 64 GB. A lot of people complaint about the external storage. So it is possible that Xiaomi Mi5 will release in 3 storage variants i.e. 16 GB, 64 GB and 128GB. However option of external memory is also possible.

Mi4 is proved one of the most profitable smartphone for Xiaomi. So the expectation from its successor also increases. It is expected that this phone will launch with some great new features and specifications in the market.

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