Working on Vacation? Consider Using File Sync.

Ideally, when you go on vacation, you’re leaving your cares (and your business) behind. But for many modern-day desk jockeys, it’s simply not possible. Luckily, you don’t have to pack an accordion-style file folder or even a briefcase. Just bring along your laptop, and you’ll be able to do everything you need.

File sync services are a cloud-based computing system. Businesses send data from one source to a virtual storage area where authorized collaborators have access to information and data. Moving data is as easy as uploading files and then moving files to a folder. Information access is as seamless on the beach (provided you have Internet access) as it is in the office.


Even in the office, ensuring files and data are secured is important. Time lost spent trying to recover data is productivity lost, not to mention a possibly high IT bill if you outsource the services. Data lost while on vacation, though, means work that quite possibly can’t be recovered. File synchronization can detect duplicate data, compress files, encrypt information for security reasons, and, perhaps most importantly, help you avoid lost data.

For businesspeople who travel frequently, this means they can jump on Skype and still participate in team meetings from the home office. Collaboration across distances is no longer impossible–it’s easy. The ability to do more while being across the country is only a few years old, and file syncing is responsible for a large part of it.

Even if you never leave the country, file syncing has a number of possibilities for even at-home applications. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work on that document you need for the meeting tomorrow on your tablet while having your computer display research data? With file syncing, you can save documents from any device. It’s perfect for smartphones, tablets and laptops when you’re on the go.

Although technically, you could type up the document from any device and just email it to yourself, you’re leaving your company wide open for security concerns. While it might work for those of us who have less-than-sensitive documents, individuals dealing with credit information, social security numbers or any type of banking data should consider going a safer route than just leaving documents lying about on random devices.

Whether you’re traveling abroad on business or pleasure, business doesn’t stop. You need to be able to access your information at any given time. File synchronization services allows easy access to everything you need to complete your work while travelling.

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