With So Many Properties For Sale How Can Estate Agents Provide A Personal Service

If you’re thinking of putting your home but are worried the service you may receive from an estate agent might not be all you expected, you can take solace from the fact that most estate agents are real professionals and know their jobs inside and out. However, it’s really important to choose an agent carefully ensuring they boast a solid reputation for selling properties similar to yours for the best price without it taking too long to do so.

Factors to Look For in an Estate Agent

Although there’s no denying that for a while now there’s been a glut of properties for sale throughout the UK, this does not mean you will not receive a top notch service from an estate agent when you decide to put your home on the market. Choosing a well-established company will go a long way in offering the sort of reassurance you may be looking for, but there are other factors to look for too. You should do a little research before signing up to an estate agent and this means finding out whether all they promise does actually materialise.

You need to make yourself a check-list of things you expect from the estate agent and then see if the ones you approach tick all the right boxes. Your research should include finding out if an agent has sold similar properties to yours in your area and what kind of money these properties sold for. Another important factor when selling a property is the length of time it takes for it to sell because no home owner wants to be sitting on a property that’s for sale for too long.

Check Out Estate Agents Websites

It’s also a very good idea to check out the agent’s website to see how easy they are to navigate and if the information about properties they are selling is kept up to date and how the information and images are displayed. This is important because people looking for new homes need to be impressed with the images they see when they view a property online. All images of your home need to be top quality photos that show it off in the best possible light. This is the only way you’ll tempt buyers into coming to see it for real.

Arrange a Viewing of a Property with the Agent

If you want to see how professional an estate agent is when it comes to how they show a property to potential buyers, you could always arrange to view a house in your area with them. This will allow you to see if they are punctual and if they show people around houses in a professional manner. The majority of estate agents take great pride in the way they present a home but it’s always nice to witness this first hand.

Never Refuse a Viewing

If the agent phones you up to arrange a viewing, you need to make sure you never turn them down because the timing might not be convenient. Even if you cannot be there when potential buyers want to view your home, you should arrange for the agent to do the viewing for you. Nothing puts buyers off more than being told they cannot view a property because it’s “not convenient for the owner”.


Estate agents work hard to sell a property even if they have lots of houses on their books. You need to contact a company that instils confidence both in you and potential buyers because of their professionalism. The way agents present themselves and the properties they are selling on behalf of the owners is really important so you need to know they operate to very high standards. You also need to know the company you sign up to has a vast database at their fingertips with the right connections to get your property sold.

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