Window Treatment Colors Affect Your Mood

If you have a favorite color, you know how strong an impact a single color can have on you, including how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Furthermore, your favorite color reveals parts of your personality, which plays a role in how you approach life, according to Care2.

Prefer white and you might be attracted to innocence, perfection and the goal to fulfill impossible ideals. Red represents vitality, strength and health. If you’re a fun loving, social person, you might be drawn to orange. Blue is a soft and soothing color. It’s also a symbol of introspection and deliberation.

Whether you realize it or not, color plays a role in the clothes you wear and in how you decorate your home, including your windows. For example, if you’re independent and witty, you might choose purple roller shades when decorating your windows. If you do get roller shades in your favorite color, make sure the color matches the furniture at your home.

Mix and match furniture and it might be a good idea to go with neutral colored roller shades. Make up for the choice by filling your home with furniture and accessories that are designed in bold colors. Also, take your time when furnishing your home and windows.

After all, “Nowhere does a choice of colour matter more than in window treatments. In home interiors, architectural features, such as fireplaces, doors and windows, are usually the strongest design elements in rooms. The eye is drawn to strong design elements like windows. As a natural focal point, the colour of a window covering not only affects the mood of the room, but the mood of those that inhabit the space as well,” according to Learning 2 Live.

You can discover rarely seen roller shades and other window treatments while visiting home decorating stores like Payless Decor. In addition to expressing your genuine personality, the best roller shades control the amount of light that enters the rooms at your home. If you look at the window treatments in two or more different colors, treatments that are placed in front of long, wide windows as well as treatments that are placed in front of short, narrow windows, you can get a clearer picture of how the window treatments will look like in your home.

As you get older and/or have new experiences, don’t be surprised if your color preferences change. Pay attention to the fabric that roller shades and other roller shades are made of as this can cause the color of the window treatments to change when light hits the fabric. More specifically, Learning 2 Live advises, “To select just the right colour for window treatments, it’s necessary to consider how light plays into the equation. Some colours appear strikingly different under natural light than they do under incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Surfaces affect how colour appears as well.”

This is why it’s helpful to pay attention to how roller shades look on hot, sunny days as well as on cold, cloudy days when you visit friends and relatives. It can save you the time of buying window treatments that look fabulous at the store but not so great on extreme weather days when you get them home. 


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