Will Your Business Need Manual or Powered Lifting Equipment?

The lifting equipment used by a business should always be bought with very specific procedures in mind. By buying a generic solution, it is likely that the item in question will be neither as safe nor as effective as it could be and therefore not only should such items be bought with weight limitations in mind, but also with size, usability and even power source focussed specifically towards the kinds of items that one needs to lift or move.

As such, one of the most important things to ascertain will be whether or not such equipment needs to be powered or not. For others, something in the middle may be more appropriate, and in these cases there will also be semi-powered options available to help workers get the best of both worlds.

However, whilst it will be easy to understand how size and weight restrictions may make a certain solution more suitable for specific jobs, it is still often hard to tell whether or not powered equipment will indeed be needed, and so knowing a little more about each option may be the best initial approach.

Manual lifting trucks will often carry quite significant loads and be able to accommodate quite large items, but without power it may not be possible to lift and move quite the same loads as with a powered version. That being said, such options may still be extremely heavy duty and will indeed be able to accommodate the loads that are advertised, but may not be as practical for certain businesses. On the other hand though, they will often be a great deal cheaper than powered or semi-powered options and businesses may also need to bear this in mind before making a final decision.

A powered version will have a lot more going for it, but will still have limitations. Whilst the loads that one can move will be greater and the sizes and in turn practical potential more varied, one will have to consider the limitations offered by batteries as well as the fact that such a solution will be far more costly, both to buy as well as to run.

For those who wish to get the best of both worlds, or at least limit the worst of both, there are also semi-powered options. Not as expensive as powered options but more practical than manual pallet trucks, these offer better manoeuvrability than manual trucks, reducing workload and increasing both the size and weight of what can be lifted and moved. Of course, these may only be right for those who really cannot see a clear winner between the two more common options or who cannot balance their needs effectively with any other option.

For those who still cannot make up their minds, the best course of action will be to find a company that specialises in such items, and to discuss your needs with the experts. Those working with such equipment day in and day out will know their capabilities and limitations extremely well and will be able to apply them to a business’s own unique processes. So rather than rushing in and buying when you are not sure, finding a reputable company with a wide range of solutions and discussing your needs will almost certainly help you find the perfect tools for your own business and your own unique workforce.

Author Bio: Alice Aires is working for a leading company that supplies a huge range of quality hand trucks and trolleys for all applications in the UK. She loves to share her valuable knowledge with the readers on handling equipments and Trucks and Trolleys Direct.

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