Why Your Small Business Should Start At Home

The most expensive part of starting up any business is usually the office space rental. In fact, this can be so expensive that it can be what makes the small business startup fail. As a result, it can be a huge advantage to start your business without an official office, and instead just run right out of your house for a while to really get things started. Here are a few reasons why this can be an advantage, especially if you’re starting out with just a few employees.

No Office Rental Fee

If you already have a place to live, then you have a potential office right there. You don’t need to pay for a huge office to make your business work. Nearly anything you do can be done online, including having a store front. Virtual store fronts like Amazon are all the rage these days anyway. And there are even more specific options for more niche fields like crafting. A good example of this is Etsy.


Managing stress is one of the biggest concerns of a small business owner, since trying to get a startup off the ground can be tremendously difficult. And, stress can have a devastating effect on your body. So, it’s important to not discount the advantage of comfort when it comes to working from home. The stress of driving can be a big thing, after all. And most people just feel a lot more comfortable working from their homes.


Commuting to an office location can waste a lot of time that you just don’t have. Small business owners no better than anyone how precious time can be. It’s worth asking yourself whether you really want to spend this precious commodity on endless traffic jams as you drive back and forth between your home and your office. You will also be wasting gas as you do so, and possibly raising your blood pressure at the same time due to the stress of driving, especially if you live in a big city.


If you work from home, you will tend to have a lot more flexibility when it comes to all aspects of your business. Small business owners will often need to do a wide variety of different things throughout the day, such as go to the post office, purchase different supplies at the store, do phone conferencing, and generally do a lot of diverse activities. Not being tied to one location can be quite useful. Many small business owners who work from home can also supplement what they’re doing with helpful tools like a phone answering service.

Making It Work

The truth is, a whole lot goes into making a small business work. Any advantage you can get is something you look into. Even if you’d rather have an office at some point, starting out at home while you build up funds is often a wise idea. Once you have a profitable business, then you can start looking to expand the number of employees you can support locally through a more official office.

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