Why You Should Follow IKEA in Ditching Wooden Pallets

In 2011 IKEA took the, then quite drastic, decision to switch from normal wooden pallets to the lighter paper variant. As a result, there was an estimated 140 million euros saved per year in transports costs whilethe cost for the switch was around 90 million euros: quite an easy decision. As an added benefit they report that their carbon footprint was lowered by 75.000 tonnes of CO2 per year, which definitely makes a difference. So why should you use paper pallets for your pallet deliveries?

–          Lightweight. At 2.5kg, the weight of a paper pallet is about 90% that of a wooden one. If you are in the habit of shipping a high amount of pallets every month, this quickly adds up to quite substantial savings.

–          Size. Standard wooden pallets are 15cm high, while the equivalent paper variant is only 5cm. This leads to space saved when stacking, and more space for your goods.

–          Customisability. If you have special requirements for the size of your frames, paper can be moulded to your wishes. Please note that if you deviate from the standard measurements some warehouse may have issues moving your goods, which may cause transport time to be longer. There is also the option of printing logos or similar marks directly on the paper, which makes for a nice touch when delivering to customers.

–          Triple bottom line. The modern bottom line is no longer all about money, there are societal and environmental factors to also take into account. Paper pallets are definitely more sustainable than wood, as they can easily be recycled.

–          One way trips. With environmental aspects taken into account, paper is exceptionally well suited for one-way trips. The customer is not required to ship anything back to you? Use paper pallets!

–          International deliveries. Paper is less susceptible to insects and fungi, and as such does not require any fumigation before shipping.

These 6 advantages are only the tip of the iceberg, and as the world rapidly moves towards more sustainable alternatives, join the trend! Not only will it show that your company is progressive, but you are also actively saving both money and resources. So do like IKEA: ditch the wood in lieu of paper for your pallet deliveries!

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