Why You Might Need A Spider Boom Lift

What Is a Spider Boom Lift?

These devices are similar to cherry pickers in their use. They consist of a basket for the user to stand in, a boom and a base. They get their name from their bases. The base of the lifts consists of four legs that resemble the legs of a spider. The machines come with many different options.

The platforms of the machines tend to be ten metres at the smallest and thirty metres at the largest. Also, they have a reach that ranges from about twelve metres to over thirty metres. Obviously, the smaller platforms tend to support the shorter booms.

Why Would You Need One?

So, you know what a cherry picker is for. You hire a cherry picker when you need to reach something that is very high. It’s simple as that. Why would you need a spider boom lift?

You have probably encountered a situation in which you could not use the cherry picker. Whether it was a very tight space such as an alley or uneven ground, a standard cherry picker would have been impossible to use. They have narrow bases that are only stable on flat, solid ground. Substances such as dirt, gravel, and sand can be very dangerous for a cherry picker.

For those applications, you need a wider base with better support and stability. The legs of a spider lift can be extended and retracted so they can be adjusted to fit on unstable ground. You can also retract the legs and fit the lift into a tight space such as an alley. Inclined spaces such as a hill, are not a problem with the adjustable spider legs.

What Size Do You Need?

Choosing a size of spider boom lift is all about negotiating between platform size and reach. The standard lifts come in three platform size ranges: ten to fifteen metres, fifteen to twenty-five metres, and twenty-five to thirty metres. The larger platforms provide a more stable base than the smaller ones, so they can support much longer booms. The smaller platforms do not provide as good of a base for booms, but they are much easier to fit into smaller spaces.

You need to decide which is more appropriate for each job. The smaller platform might be better for a tight space such as an alley between buildings. A larger platform might be better for less stable ground or unsure footing in which you would need to extend the boom very far. With a large platform, you can place the boom on stable ground and reach farther with the basket.

However, you still might not know which size lift you need. That’s when an onsite inspection comes in handy. You should always pick a company that offers free onsite inspection. This means that an employee comes out to your job site and determines which device will best serve you. Their experts will also offer advice on the best way to carry out the job. This way you don’t end up wasting your time or money.

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