Why WordPress for designing websites

WordPress was designed by Michel Valdrighi in 2001 and was first introduced to the internet in 2003. It was introduced so as to improve the layout and readability of the content produced oftenly. It was initially used by less than 10 users but slowly and gradually it has grown a lot and is now the largest blogging platform in the world.



For instance, templating or theming of a WordPress website. This tool has become popular and there are thousands of free themes available for designing a website. The web designers use this tool to take various themes, and then they alter it and create a unique theme according to the clients’ requirement.

Why WordPress?


WordPress development is a process of developing a website using WordPress platform. WordPress is not only used for creating blogs but also used for creating website. Here are some of the reasons why WordPress Development India is the best platform for creating website. WordPress development in India has attained a high growth in recent time due to the following reasons:

1. WordPress is not just only for blogging:


Initially WordPress was only used for creating the blogs, and has been a best solution for creating blog. However, it has now become a very extensive Content Management System to create a wide range of websites, job boards, business sites and sites featuring classified ads etc. WordPress is intensely adaptable and flexible. And in case if some of the features are not built in already then there is thousands of plug-ins to enhance the functionality of WordPress. These plugins is the solution for your need- there are limitless possibilities.


It has not only made creating a website easier, but also made easier to create a blog on website, which is really helpful and is recommended as internet marketing strategy. Keeping this blog active tells to search engines like Google that your website is active and hence increases the ranking of the website which increases the organic or genuine traffic. Most of the search engines like Google love WordPress as it use a well-written and correct code. WordPress is only a smart way to get your website under the process of Search Engine Optimization.

2. WordPress is supported across the globe

WordPress is an open source system and is easily available for installation and can be used on your own servers. This makes it cost effective and there is no need to buy custom based CMS as WordPress is freely available, supported by worldwide community (users, WordPress developers and supporters) and can easily be customized. Moreover, WordPress is updated daily with new functionalities.

3. Easy to use

There is no need to have any technical knowledge for learning to work on WordPress. It is as easy as to edit a document in Microsoft word. Therefore, if you know how to edit a word document, then you can easily edit the content of your website and can easily add anything in the blog of your website using WordPress.


Some of the other reasons why to use WordPress are:
• Free coding
• Search Engine Optimized
• Completely editable by client
• Creates both Blog and Website
• Thousands of themes available for free
• Open source platform
• Add plugins
• Organizes links
• And many more
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