Why Video Is More Powerful Than Other Advertising Formats

How does a corporate video differ from other categories of marketing? In the corporate world, an integrative approach is always the preferred means of conducting business, as content and video are key to maintaining a competitive edge. Yet, while content marketing is a necessity, using multimedia speaks to a vaster range of consumers as it evokes hastier and more compelling responses overall, given its visual and audio elements. With this said, there are key differences you should note between video and other marketing formats.


When people enter the online realm, they often feel as if they are drowning in a sea of text. Often, it is difficult to distinguish between one company’s web content and another company’s articles. There is a plethora of words on the web, all of which seem to conflate into one big advertisement. And while content marketing lends critical value to the world of business, nothing can supplant the power and effect of a corporate video. The visual aspects of a video captivate the eye more than text alone. As stated, text is fundamentally important, as it fortifies company’s authority and trust as a brand. Yet, video can compel an entire audience to internalise a corporate message, whereas text often falters in this respect. While many consumers allocate their time to read text, others would much rather invest their attention in watching videos.

Greater Appeal

Some marketing content on the web seems to alienate certain consumers in the market. While some consumers are simply not avid readers, others find that a message exceeds their time limitations to some degree. With this said, video content rarely alienates a particular sector of the population. It is designed to be clear, transparent, and to captivate a wide range of people, using universally effective appeals to emotion and sensory stimulation. Sometimes, the mere presence of visual effects is enough to whet the interests of a consumer. Hence, video production in Dubai has become relatively popular over the years, as it appeals to a wide gamut of audiences.

More Authority

Content marketing provides a foundational means of asserting one’s authority and brand. However, companies should supplement their written content with a professionally produced corporate video.

What would a consumer rather trust in terms of guiding their purchase decisions? A well-written article or perhaps a commercial advertisement? Somehow, commercials exude volumes of professionalism in comparison to content, and they integrate the most critical elements of marketing. Professionally produced videos allow a consumer to see a company’s brand and image in motion, something that content marketing is incapable of to some degree. People are more likely to identify with what they observe from a sensory standpoint than what they read.

Time Constraints

Most consumers engage in rapid decision-making processes, and quite often, they do not have time to read through a verbose article of some sort. With this said, the beauty of using professional videos is that you can prompt an action or decision with only a few seconds of video.

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