Why Project Management Software Beats Manual Methods

Do you remember the sounds your Windows 95 machine used to make? You pushed that big round button on the computer and a little orange light indicated you were about to be in for a coffee break-sized wait.A couple of squeaks later and the fans were working overtime. Code loaded on your screen – green text that kept scrolling until a multi-coloured window appeared zipping through the sky.

Squeaky memo carts were pushed from cubicle to cubicle by some office mule intern. Email was new and handwritten letters were beginning to be reserved for mother’s day. If you needed to collaborate on a project designed to increase your company’s growth potential you were in for a lot of overtime and frustrating edits to Jen’s proposals.

These days we live in a world of social media, software and tech that brings us together. In this world businesses can move a lot faster as a result of streamlined, collaborative efforts. Developments are instantly applied and projects can easily be coordinated across great distances and time zones.

One of the downsides of a digitised world that’s often cited is a lack of real human connection. In the past a project had to be coordinated on multiple levels that required a great deal of face-to-face communication in order to succeed. Chats in messenger and video conferencing, such as with Skype, is not the same as crucial body language can get lost. What a less-digital world did mean is that projects were often kept in-house, as pairing schedules of partners from different companies could prove very difficult during 9 – 5 office hours.

Online project management software solutions put all the elements of development from assigning tasks to reviewing proposals into one platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime – eliminating the need for coordinated schedules. Even meetings can remain flexible as video conferencing can be done withan internet connection. This means your wait at the airport can be turned into productive work time.

All the technology in the world doesn’t take away our need for a real-world connection. The aim of online collaboration goes beyond cyberspace, though. Through the internet talent can be found from all over the world, people who can offer a fresh perspective might have been too far off the radar in the past.

While positives can be found in both old and new project management systems, the end goals remain the same. A collaborative team whose communication drives a successful project outcome. Online collaboration software simply offers more ways to communicate, instantly and from anywhere.

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