Why Cleanliness Should Not Be Neglected On Your Business Budget

Businesses need to have comprehensive budgets that account for everything from employee salaries to energy use in a building. Cleanliness is something that is often left out of a budget. This is a mistake since cleanliness is essential. There are several reasons why cleanliness should not be neglected in a business budget.


The simple fact is that a business cannot operate efficiently if the workspace is cluttered, dirty or disorganized. Employees will be struggling to locate and get to the different tools or files needed to complete work tasks. It will take longer to perform basic jobs within an area because the lack of cleanliness will be a constant barrier. Not budgeting for cleanliness could actually cost the business more in productivity.

Employee Absences

A workplace that is not cleaned regularly can become filled with germs and allergens. This begins to make it easier for employees to pass a cold or flu from one person to the next. Allergens can cause serious respiratory problems. Unclean lunchroom surfaces or workstations could spread food borne illnesses. All of these factors can increase the number of employee absences every year and raise operating costs.

Errors and Lost Work

It becomes very easy to lose important work in a disorganized and unclean business. Paperwork could get lost or be thrown into the trash. Tools, disks or equipment could be misplaced and lost for months due to clutter. This can affect performance and customer satisfaction if error rates start to increase.


All types of pests will be attracted to a workplace that is not cleaned on a regular basis. This could include roaches, ants and even mice or rats. Pests can create unsanitary conditions. They can also create a bad impression on clients or vendors who visit the business. Budgeting for regular pest control to deal with infestations can be far more expensive than budgeting for professional cleaning services.

Equipment Damage

A final thing to consider is that a dirty workplace could actually be damaging equipment over time. Dust and dirt that is allowed to collect on and inside of equipment could damage electronics. It could harm mechanical parts or act like insulation on coils and wires. This can all lead to malfunctions that make it necessary to replace equipment. Budgeting for cleanliness will help to protect all types of equipment in the workplace.

Businesses can approach cleanliness in several ways. The easiest way is to budget for a regular commercial cleaning service every day or week. Companies like Grimebusters Ltd. (that provides carpet cleaning in St. Albert) can help you with these types of services.  It can also help to budget a half-hour every month so employees can clean personal workstations during the day. These options will both help to keep the workplace clean.

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