Why Apple Had to Close its Stores in China

Since the launch of Apple’s China iPhone 4S, and in the vein of its previous version, the new iPhone has caused a frenzy along with all Chinese obsessed with the American brand. We were able to discover a few weeks ago of real fights to get the well known smartphone, some Chinese are even paid by dealers to go buy in the store official in large quantities: the number of iPhone 4S is well less than the number of requests, an illegal parallel market is present for resale.

Faced with the huge crowds, Apple was forced to close its stores, for safety reasons. This is how the firm began to back a lot of the Chinese people.

Lottery System to buy iPhone in China

Apple has set up a new barely credible difficult to resolve the situation, Apple had no choice but to use a lottery system! It is now at 21 o’clock every day that Apple informs its customers that have applied to buy for an iPhone by e-mail, they are eligible to buy the unit from any Apple store. As of now, sales are again regularized, but spread out over time. The first people selected at random by the lottery system still do not receive their iPhone before March 2.

The choice for Chineese to buy iPhone

So the Chinese have no choice but to follow the policy set by Apple for the purchase of the unit. Apple also upgraded its production facilities to meet the huge demand of users and to have sufficient stocks. However, Apple will continue its efforts for a few months for the entire demand in China is satisfied. An online sale by Apple is also open for 3 hours a day to purchase one iPhone per person. News that tell so much about the future results in terms of sales and group sales of smartphones, available in the coming months.

Apple Lottery system, what is future?

Now see in your mind’s eye that the iPhone 5 is a revolution, full of innovations, more or less similar to the impact at that time had raised the first iPhone. If one thinks about the popularity of all new versions invented by Apple, we can imagine that the phenomenon appeared in China could take place globally. Also it would make much written and ascend Apple undisputed leader of the smartphone market, there would be scenes of madness in the world! It is difficult to imagine our level of difficulty as the production and logistics for Apple represents. Thus, the group of Cupertino will probably have to face a challenge if it wants to be sure to satisfy everyone in a timely manner.

How will Apple maintain the pace of sales to meet the demands and the incredible pressure of millions of buyers do you think? Does it put up a lottery system? However, this would lead to a significant drop in sales, it is less motivated that may, in the end, cancel their request by retracting and buying a smartphone in the end of another brand.

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