Who Uses Rugged Computers?

So, you may have heard of rugged mobile computers, and think that you know what they are for but do you know who uses them? Rugged PCs, both desktop and mobile, are tough computers that are developed to withstand harsh conditions and environments. They are used in a wide variety of sectors and industries around the world, including but not limited to the following:

Agriculture – Rugged computers are used within the agriculture industry to track livestock, manage farm inventories, tin irrigation control systems and more.

Construction – Rugged computers are used within the construction industry to increase efficiency, decrease costs and to assist in keeping jobs on track.

Environmental – Rugged computers can be used to speed up the cleanup of oil spill sites after tornados and can be helpful in a whole range of environmental work, with rugged computers able to withstand the harshest of environments.

Field service – Rugged computers are now available with integrated barcode scanners, ensuring that drivers can keep track of their loads.

Industrial – Rugged computers are perfect for data collection, inventory management, merchandising and communications tasks.

Logistics – Rugged computers can contain fast processors and powerful scanning capabilities!

Military – Rugged computers are used in the military in a whole range of countries, with devices so tough they can go to the battlefield!

Mining – The mining and drilling industries use handheld rugged computers to handle timekeeping, vehicle tracking, maintenance, supplies deliveries and real-time communications with their office bases.

Outdoor adventures – Rugged computers are perfect for outdoor adventures, not only extreme ones either, more and more skiers and other athletes are starting to invest in their very own rugged mobile phones.

Security – Rugged devices are perfect for those working in security boasting reliable real-time communication capabilities, long battery life, easy to use features and multiple connectivity options.

These are only some of the industries that are currently taking full advantage of rugged computing too, there are many, many more including waste management, warehousing, utilities, road and railway maintenance, public works, public safety, and public transportation.

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