Whistle While You Work: 5 Of The Highest Paid Jobs That Do Not Require A Degree

With the world-wide economy still hurting from financial breakdowns around the world, finding a job is increasingly difficult. This can be even more true for those who don’t have university experience in a particular field. However, if you are looking for a job that you can be sure to love and pays great, all without needing a degree, you are in luck. Here is a list of five of the highest paid jobs that do not require a degree.

Offshore Oil Platforms

Its no surprise that oil is one of the most valued commodities in the entire world. Lucky for you, that means that jobs are bountiful and can be found relatively easy. If you are willing to relocate and work for weeks away from home, you can find a variety of jobs on oil platforms. These jobs range from chefs, to janitorial services, but also more advanced skills as well. Jobs that pay £70,000 are common, even without a degree.

Police Officer

It’s hard to put a price on a job where you are putting your life on the line everyday. Nonetheless, firefighters and police officers do command good salaries. For police officers, you will have to accept and pass a police office program and pass a British background check, while also staying physically fit the entire time you are on the force. But if you can accommodate these rules, dawning a uniform and being a police officer may be the job that’s perfect for you.

Sales Associate

If you are a people-person and have the gift of gab, than a job in sales can command high salaries with even better bonuses. Sales jobs aren’t for everyone, but they are great options for those who can do well. Furthermore, sales jobs allow for advancement in companies, as long as you prove you can sell yourself. This could mean that you will make even more money within a few years on the job. You can find examples of CVs and search for jobs on salesvacancies.com. This is a great place to see how your CV matches up with others and if you have the potential to be great in a sales position.

Air Traffic Controller

With the amount of international traffic that takes place in the air, there is a high demand for air traffic controllers. The jobs pay more than £60,000 and you can find a job without any university experience. You will need to get your air traffic control license, but it can be worth the initial investment for a long-lasting job that appears to have plenty of room to grow.

Personnel Training

When companies hire new employees, they need other reliable employees in HR departments who can train the new staff. These personnel training positions can be found without a university degree and allow for upwards movement once you land the job. You will presumably have to take training to become familiar with your company, but it’s sure to take less time than getting a degree at university would take.

The economy may not be in its best place, but there are still jobs out there for people who are willing to work for them. Luckily, the jobs on this list don’t require a degree and also pay a decent wage. Consider looking into any of these jobs for your new career.

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