What You Need To Start Your Business’s New Paint Job!

If you’ve been in business for a while, it may be time to upgrade your office. The easiest way to breathe new life into a room is to paint the walls. Paint jobs are often inexpensive and relatively easy to tackle by yourself. 

The first thing you’ll need to decide is how you want your office to look. Perhaps you want to choose a color palette that corresponds to the company’s logo and theme. Or maybe if clients don’t really see your offices, you might consider going with a work-friendly color. If your company logo contains a special or trademarked color, you might consider using it. Just take a picture of your logo to any location that mixes paint. They’ll be able to match the paint for you.

You’ll also need to decide what exactly you want painted. Do you want every wall the same color? Or do you want most of the walls to be white with a few accent walls? If you want different walls to be different colors, you’ll want to map those out. You might even consider consulting an interior decorator to make sure the vision in your head matches what you’re considering.

Once you’ve selected colors and a design, you’ll need to pick up the actual supplies.


You’ll want to choose paint with a finish that can withstand all of the scuffs and scrapes of an office environment. The two best options are semi-gloss or matte finish paint. Which one will look best depends on your office and the colors you’ve chosen. Make sure you measure your office, too, so you know you’ll get enough paint the first time. You don’t want to come back in need of a color, only to find they’ve sold out.


While some people may try to skip this step to save money, it’s important to invest in a primer. This will help protect against scrapes and scuffs. Choose a primer with a stain fighter in it, just in case someone’s lunch gets spilled.


Rollers tend to apply paint most evenly, although dripping is harder to control. You’ll need a variety of traditional bristle brushes as well for molding and any small touch-ups.


Make sure you cover the floors and all office furniture. The look of your office won’t improve if the walls look nice but the floor is covered in paint splotches. Your employees probably won’t appreciate paint dripped all over their family photos either.

Painter’s Tape

You’ll use painter’s tape to outline any windows or doors. This will prevent you from getting paint where you don’t want it. You can also use it to make exciting accents on the walls of your office, depending on the look you’re going for.


If your office has tall ceilings, you’ll need a ladder, a stable platform or even a scaffold to reach those places. These are also useful when painting your ceiling. Once you see how much better your walls look with new paint, you may decide your ceiling needs a fresh coat, too.

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