What To Know Before Planning A Corporate Meeting

A corporate meeting can be considered an intersection at which two different paths of the same business meet. The first one is determined by the goals achieved in the period prior to the meeting, while the second one represents a new beginning that should yield some fresh crops for a bright business future. Therefore, if you want to round off the time behind you and mark the beginning of the period before you, all the aspects of such an event have to be meticulously planned.

Relaxation Amenities

The place you choose to host your corporate meeting should offer dozens of features, to meet your guests’ desires and expectations. Although it is difficult to rank those facilities, it seems that attendees of business conferences and corporate meetings give advantage to relaxation amenities. By this we mean providing them with different spa and wellness options. Many of them will travel a long way to your conference and have stressful negotiations during the event, so they will need some time and amenities to regain and retain their freshness and energy.

Internet Speed Negotiations

The majority of hotel guests show a certain level of dissatisfaction with Wi-Fi signal and the Internet speed. Moreover, they get even more annoyed when hotels charge Internet access separately. In the 21st century it is simply unbelievable. So, if you are trying to organize a great corporate event, it would be a shame to leave a bad impression on your invitees only because your accommodation providers do not have proper Internet infrastructure. This is why the question of the Internet speed should be high on your checklist when looking for the right place to accommodate your attendees. Also, it would be smart to prepare a special Internet-related checklist, like this one, published by LinkedIn, to deal with all the potential Wi-Fi issues in advance.

Wide choice of Food and Drink

This part of the planning procedure has to be applied to every single space that your guests are going to use. First of all, it goes without saying that the hotel(s) or private accommodation guesthouses have to offer a great variety of drinks and dishes for every taste.

Secondly, if you are planning any excursions or special team-building activities, take care of the food and drink supplies for such purposes, too.

Finally, ask your guests to add some specific details in their confirmation letter if they have any special food requirements, health-wise.

Strategic Location

The choice of the location for your corporate event should be made on the basis of your business needs. For instance, if you want your guests to relax and enjoy tasty food and classy wines, choosing a venue in the countryside is a great option. On the other hand, if you are planning to invite younger business owners to your corporate meeting, going for a modern venue at a central location would be a better option. If you need any help in your venue-choosing process, feel free to contact Navarra Venues. They can resolve your dilemmas and come up with solutions that will suit your special venue requirements.

Safe and Affordable Transfer

It would be negative for your meeting and your business, too, if your guests experience any inconveniences on their way to the venue. This is why it would be wise to give them some instructions about the best ways to get to the conference venue or the place where they are going to stay. For instance, informing them on the bus lines or phone numbers of taxi services that can take them safely from one place to another would be a practical thing to do. What is more, you could make a special deal with a taxi service and ask for a discount for every drive they have to your business premises during the venue. It would be a practical deal that would bring benefits to all the included parties.

When a business conference or event is thoroughly planned, every problem that pops up along the way can be sorted out quickly. It will reduce the stress and increase the chance of making new deals for your business.

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