What to do When Moving to Montreal

Whether you are looking to move to Montreal or you are new to the city, it is important for you to learn all about your new home so that you can have a great experience. This is your new city, and you should feel like you’re thriving, not like you’re bored.

If you are feeling a bit of ennui in your new city, or you aren’t too thrilled about your upcoming move to Montreal, here are a few local to-dos that will get you excited about this major life change:

Shop in the “Underground City”

Tired of life above ground? Sink below to check out some great bargains and enjoy some delicious cuisine. There are a series of interconnected shops both above and below ground in this hidden “city” in and around downtown Montreal. There are even apartments, offices, museums, banks and more in the Underground City.

Take a Walk Down Rue St. Catherine

One of the main thoroughfares of downtown Montreal, Rue St. Catherine (or St. Catherine Street) features restaurants, nightclubs, designer clothing stores, discount stores, historic buildings, and much more. Not only will a stroll down this street provide you with plenty to do, you’ll also get a nice slice of Montreal life.

Visit Old Montreal

As its name suggests, Old Montreal is the oldest area in the city. Old Montreal is just a short walk from downtown and is near the St. Lawrence River. After you are done exploring the historic district, you can walk down to the river, have your picture drawn by a local artist, and enjoy the beautiful views.

Visit the Museum District

If you’re an art lover, the museum district has plenty to offer. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts alone has over 3,000 works of art from ancient times until the modern day. You can also enjoy beautiful architecture just by strolling through the district.

Check Out the Biodome

The Montreal Biodome is a tourist magnet, but it’s definitely worth a visit. The biodome features replicas of four ecosystems found throughout the Americas. You can get an up-close look at many species of animals as they would be living in their natural habitat.

Whether you are looking to move to Montreal or you have already made the city your home, learning about all the city has to offer will make sure you enjoy your new home to its fullest so you have a wonderful experience there. If you are still looking for apartments in Montreal, click here to find an apartment that is near the activities you would most enjoy. You’ll be much more likely to partake in all that Montreal has to offer when you are living in a convenient location. 

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