What Size Space Do You Need For Your Business?

If you are starting a new business, you might be scratching your head right now trying to figure out how much office space you need. While you could guesstimate on the amount of square footage your business needs, the eyeballing method is never often successful. In fact, there are some basic, quantifiable ways to find out exactly how much space you need. The last thing you want is to be too crowded or have too much space. You also don’t want to spend so much money. So, what size space do you need for your business?

First, you need to know how much space you can afford. Whether you are looking at temporary office space rental in Manhattan, or anywhere else, deciding how much rent your business can afford is critical. But it doesn’t just come down to the monthly rent – it also comes down to the initial moving costs too. So, make sure that you have enough capital in the reserves for a large deposit and then enough capital for the move in costs before you decide how other factors, like where you will be getting office space and how space you need. Financial factors will be limiting, but not if you know what you are working with.

Once you get an idea of how much rent you can afford, you can start to narrow in on a particular location, but before you decide what size space you need, you also have to look at what some of your business needs are. For instance, does your business need a storefront and a back office? Does your business need a conference room and private offices? Breaking down what some of your business’ needs are will give you an idea of not only what size space you need, but also what kind of space your business needs.

Next, you need to look at how many employees you have. Typically, you need about 100 square feet per employee. Of course, this can start to get pricey if you have, or need, a lot of employees. Also, you have to look at the little details, like how much parking space there will be and a number of other potential logistical quandaries. When it comes down to it, you could save on square footage by alternating between some employees working at home and in the office on different days of the workweek. In fact, many businesses have succeeded in becoming more productive by experimenting with this alternative method of office management – and it will save your business money.

Lastly, there are also a number of ways to get creative when it comes to the office space you need. Sometimes traditional office spaces can be a little crowded and it always seems like you are getting a bad deal – mostly because of all the space that isn’t being utilized. This is why businesses could benefit from converting warehouses into office spaces and utilizing all the extra square footage, thus getting more bang for your business’ buck. Whatever you do, though, you always want to make sure your workers are happy with whatever size office space you choose.

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