What Offerte Adsl Casa Can Do For You?

Technological developments have reduced the world to a village when it comes to communication. It’s easy, fast and cheap to communicate to someone even if they are on the other side of the globe. This however depends on getting the best communication services.

Fastweb is a leading communication services based in Milan,Italy. Since it was founded in 1999, it has pioneered various developments that have put it at the top of the pack in the sector. One such development is the construction of a national optic fiber network. It has also blazed the trail in adopting IP protocol for voice transmission. With these developments, the company has positioned itself as a trend setter in the field of fiber communications optics in Italy. When it comes to technical skills in information technology and the installing network infrastructure, clients who have chosen Fastweb as their communication services provider enjoy the fastest and high quality of service.

Whether you are an individual or business, cost is always a factor. It is a factor that you can relax about with Fastweb services. High speeds enabled by fiber optic technology mean that you can browse and do what you need to do at the highest of speeds and at very affordable costs.

New subscribers to the fixed network get discounted tariffs for the Surf and Supersurf packages for the first 12 months. This is allowed for both businesses and individuals. The packages include free modem Wifi and activation as well as a gift of SIM Gaga with a month of free internet that makes it possible to navigate with your mobile phone as well and not just the computer.

New subscriptions and renewals can be made online through the phone or on the computer which saves you time and money.

Services Available

The company offers a number of services including telephone and ASDL services. This includes installation where the company undertakes the installation of fixed as well as mobile networks. With WiFi and mobile networks, communication between computer devices is easily managed with no problems or interruptions in form of wiring services. The performance can be compared to that of conventional wired networks.

Works for All

The solutions that are offered with offerte ASDL casa and other technology that Fastweb offers work for everyone be they private individuals or businesses. The company also offers various packages and with Fastweb promotions, there is something for everyone that will meet the different fixed and mobile telephony needs.

With the ADSL services available, you can go for the integrated services that Fastweb guarantees its customers that make it possible for exploit the full advantage of broadband. This includes speeds of up to 100 Mbits in 10 Mbits download and upload.

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