What is a CAD Service & Who Should Use It?

The software known as CAD (computer aided design) is used in a wide variety of industries, including architecture, interior design, product design and manufacturing. It offers users a range of benefits, allowing them to complete projects more effectively and efficiently.

What is CAD?

CAD is a computer software package that allows designers to easily create digital representations of their ideas. This can include 2D and 3D models of their drawings, as well as animation. They can even create a photo simulation, which allows people to see how the idea would look when completed. For example, it can illustrate the impact a new building would have on an area. They can examine how light or views may be blocked and look at access issues.

A CAD service means designers can work more efficiently, which saves both time and money on a project. They can see instantly how the finished building will look and analyse the design to see if it can be improved. If any changes need to be made, it’s far easier to make these on a computer screen than by starting a new drawing from scratch. The computer designs will also be more accurate than hand drawings, reducing the risk of any problems further down the line.

How Can CAD be used in Architecture?

One of the areas that CAD designs are widely used is architecture. When architectural designers first take a brief from the client, they need to create a whole series of drafts to help to visualise their ideas. These individual designs are then presented to the client and they work up a more structured design based on their feedback. By using CAD software, it’s far easier to create a large number of draft designs and then incorporate the changes into these, rather than drawing everything by hand.

Many architectural plans are created from existing templates. By using a software package, these templates are already there for the designer to use as a foundation. They can then easily adapt these, based on the client’s requirements, saving both time and money.

Creating designs within a CAD package allows both designers and clients to see a number of different views and perspectives from one drawing. The system will automatically create a digital view of the different sides of a building from one 3D drawing. They can look at all angles of the building and have a 360 degree view. With the digital images, they can even have a virtual tour of the interior of the building, including the positioning of infrastructure and furniture.

By using CAD technology, it allows the architect to present a professional image to existing and potential clients. Many customers will have this as a prerequisite when looking for an architectural design company, as they realise how useful a tool it is. Clients can feel a much bigger part of the design process when digital images are used. They can see exactly how the building will look and work with the designers to suggest changes, without needing a large amount of technical knowledge.

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