Website for Travel Company

I have started a new business in partnership with my friend, and together we offer travel cars on hire. We have purchased 10 brand new luxury and economy cars and have rented a plush commercial space for the office.

For the publicity of my business I gave an advertisement in a daily news paper.

It was during this time that my business partner told me about the need for a company webpage, a topic honestly, I don’t have any idea. He told me the advantages of having the company webpage and the importance of it.

After a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of having our own webpage, we both decided to have our own webpage for the company. We searched for the best and the lowest priced web hosting site. When we were surfing for it, we found a website which offered the services that we required.

They have several offers like unlimited disc space, unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth free domain names and free premium website builder. And in addition, also offer photo sharing and blogging tools.

They provide these services at reasonable prices. They charged us only $4.95 per month for the website.
Soon we had a website that has all the information about the cars which we are providing and the tariff rates, contact details and everything else there is to know about our company. They also provide us 24/7 U.S. technical support.

We are very much satisfied with this site and we regularly suggest our other friends to have a webpage through

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