Web Help Desk – Benefits and Uses

Web Help Desk Facilitates Your Business

The main aim of web help desk software is to help a business facilitate its daily tasks and operations. Businesses use it because of its accessible one point of contact feature to organize their internal and external organizational information, for example: contacts, product portfolio, customer management etc. The software enables them to create an efficient customer care portal to record and direct customer’s complaint/queries to the respected staff and attain high level of customer satisfaction.

If your business is expanding, this software can aid you in managing and systematizing most of its operations. Let’s talk about Zoho Support and see what a good web help desk software can offer.

Zoho Support Web Help Desk Software

Zoho is an excellent web help desk software with over 10 different features of support – some of which are as follows with their uses and benefits:

Ticket Management: Zoho Support will act as one point of contact for your ticket management and requests. It enables you to customize and prioritize your support request.

Social Media Support: Zoho understands the shift to social media interaction and therefore provides an effective customer support through such mediums.

Accounts and Contacts: You can easily raise requests for your contacts and different accounts anywhere with Zoho Support. It saves all your contacts and multiple accounts to make them accessible at any given time.

Knowledgebase: You can add a number of topics to help customers in this feature. If you find solution to any request or complaint you can add that in the knowledgebase with one click.

Alerts and Notification: Zoho Support can alert your agents of any new tasks and work assigned to them. It can also work as a notification tool for your customers that their request/complaint has been received. You can choose any medium of notifications and alerts such as email, text, browser pop up etc.

Product Catalogue: This feature helps in tracking and managing product catalogue. Find and click on the desired product instantly without making the customer wait on the call while you search for it. The feature also gives detailed information regarding the product; for example its name, price, status of availability etc.

Branding: Very few software programs give you the opportunity to brand your help desk. With Zoho Support, you can customize the software with your logo, URL, email addresses, and single login experience for your customers.

Security: The software allows you to clearly define roles, profiles, date-sharing and groups in order to ensure the safety of your company’s data. By directly controlling the who-has-what-access aspect through Zoho Support, chances of anybody misusing your propriety and customer information, are minimized.

Reports and Dashboards: This feature helps you in creating detailed reports of your work performance. With these reports you can: identify the factors affecting the performance of your customer support center and make informed decisions based on these reports to improve the performance. You can make multiple reports, graphs and organize them on your dashboard.

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