Web Directories – Drive Traffic to Your Site With Their Help!

Web directories are one of the increasingly adopted ways of optimizing your site for search engine rankings. With so many reputable directories coming on the face of the internet, they indeed provide you the opportunity to get targeted visitors to your site both via search engines and directly via these directories. The link of your site that you submit to these directories act as a high quality backlink which contributes to your PR rankings and thus improves your search engine results. This way you can manage to get more visitors via search engines and also because these directories have a good amount of visitors on their site too who visit these sites to find good sites in specific niches, these directories also direct visitors on your site directly.

Paid and Free Web Directories

There are different types of web directories today on the internet. Many reputable sites also run their own directories that have the system of free submission. But the problem with these directories is that there acceptance is very stringent. They don’t accept sites that are new or doesn’t have a decent domain authority or page rank. Moreover, one has to submit their site very carefully in exactly the niche that their site falls in to increase the chances of successful submission. These kinds of directories generally have moderators that verify each site manually before allowing them to be successfully submitted into the directory.

On the other hand, there are some good reputable paid web directories too. What you need to do in these directories is that you have to pay a fixed amount of money for getting your site submitted in their directory. But this does not mean that you can submit just anything, even paid reputable directories have a standard that your site must fulfil. Although, these standards are not as strict as those with reputable free web directories and therefore it is easy to submit your site in these directories.

Directory ready or directories that include submission of sites belonging to multiple niche is one rising sub directory for link building today. You can submit site falling in any niche to this directory if you are unable to find the right directory for the niche of your site. Also, you can easily submit your site to this directory if you want to get an extra backlink to your site.

Submit Your Site With Help of Coupon Codes

Directory submission is certainly a great way to provide your site the much needed exposure. But the problem associated with free web directories of strict requirements and fees of paid directories often don’t allow a person to go for them. However, the coupon codes like hotvsnot coupon can really help you out in these cases. These coupon codes can provide you a discount of around 20% on your submission, thereby helping you to save good money and make a great deal. Therefore, if you are thinking of submitting your site to one of paid web directories, do not forget to use these coupon codes for availing discounts on your submission.

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