Ways to Add Value to Your Home with a Better Backyard

One of the greatest attractions to owning a home is the liberty of having one’s own backyard. As wonderful as public parks are, nothing quite compares to the comfort and leisure of being able to step outside into the quiet respite of your own private domain.

The benefits may feel less immediate during the winter months, when the attractions of the outdoors are much less obvious and still months into the future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to build toward a more rewarding backyard space. In fact, the winter is a great time to reassess your yard and consider whether there are other features and upgrades you would like to implement. By making these plans when it’s still cold and unpleasant outside, you can hit the ground running as temperatures warm and get your backyard in better shape as quickly as possible.

So if your biggest lingering question regards the exact upgrades you want to make, read on for some ideas you may want to embrace.

A plant or flower garden

While some sort of landscaping is key to creating an appealing backyard aesthetic, a garden is a unique feature that can also serve as a casual hobby. In between tending the garden — and possibly growing your own fruits and vegetables — you can have a garden feature that kids and other visitors will love to be around.


Whether you have a deck already or are looking to upgrade your current situation, a new deck is worth exploring. You can make this feature as basic or as elaborate as you would like, depending on your expected use. Your deck could even come with high-end features like a built-in barbecue.

Clean up your yard

Your backyard undergoes some change as the seasons progress, and a few basic tools will be huge in helping you keep things neat and tidy. Outside of the standard lawn mower and weed whacker, consider shrub trimmers and rakes to keep the space well-manicured.

Patio furniture

The best patio furniture is all dependent on the outdoor space you’re working with. For larger patios and decks, you can consider multiple features, such as tables and chairs, love seats, even additional features like gazebos and trellises. However you go about upgrading your patio furniture, make sure it fits the style you’re trying to create in that space.

Fire pit

A fire pit is an inexpensive feature to install, and it really proves its value come the fall, when temperatures drop and crowds huddle in close to your backyard’s warmth.

Swing set

If you have young kids, a swing set is a great feature to help them enjoy your backyard while staying in sight and earshot. The presence of a swing set can also add a little charm to the backyard, and if you go to sell the home, it’ll be a great feature for anyone young families looking to buy.

In the end, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your backyard needs to be a space you want to be in. Choose upgrades and features that are attractive to you, not what future homebuyers or your friends might want. If you can successfully build a space that’s more in line with your own interests, you’ll be much happier with the investment.

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