Was Your Website Built Many Years Ago? If So, It May Be Time For A Facelift

If you are a designer, you already know how important it is to keep up with the trends happening in your field, so why would you neglect one of your most important marketing tools?

Your Website!

Depending on how long ago you built your website, it could be time for a major makeover with a reputable web design company. Your business website should project your unique brand and if your design, images, or content says “our website is outdated,” you could very easily be losing money by turning prospective clients away, but with the help of a web design company, your website could properly represent your brand image and attract new customers.

You can make a huge impact on your targeted audience just by making a few simple changes to your website and contacting a web design company to help with your site could make a huge difference.

Your Header

The header of your website is the introduction image displayed at the top of every one of your web pages.  It is the first thing that people see when they land on your site, and should be considered as somewhat of a logo.  The header is one of the easiest parts of your website a web design company could update to make the site look completely new.  A header image is fairly easy to produce, and you could possibly do yourself if you have images of your own and if you are savvy in Photoshop.  Picmonkey is also a great photo editing resource that will allow you to create your own header.  It’s easy to use if you already have some editing experience and they have an up-to-date selection of overlays, fonts, and image effects.  If you feel that you need a little help creating an original header for your website, consider asking for help from someone who specializes in graphics, such as a web design company.

 Your Navigation

If your business has a website that was created with a complex sitemap, it’s likely the site is full of sub-menus and pages in the main navigation and you may want to contact a web design company to help ensure your redesign is cohesive and easy to navigate for users.  If you plan to DIY your website’s redesign, it’s important that you not forget a featured menu on your landing page to offer easy navigation for visitors. Include icons or bold buttons in the navigation menu so people will take notice, and complimentary colors are always a good idea.  A well thought out menu bar will help you drive more traffic to important sales and contact pages.  Don’t confuse your readers with a hard-to-understand navigation plan, they will eventually give up and move on.

 Your Platform

Back in the 90’s when there were only a handful of people that knew how to create and design websites, we didn’t have the opportunity to access our database files on our website.  The times have changed, we have more education, and with user-friendly websites like WordPress making it easy for us to self- host our websites, we are now allowed to have full control of the content management system.   It is always, always a good idea to have access to all database files if you intend on designing, posting, and keeping up on the marketing end of your site.  Using a platform with a full support team and easy navigation allows you to change pages, posts, and content as often as you need to.  If you’re not sure that you fully understand how to manage your database files or CRM, using a good website design company will help make sure your new website gets off to a good start while you learn how to better use the website platform.

If you aren’t sure you understand how to redesign or create a new website for your business, it is important to get the help of a web design company (http://www.thinktankconnect.com/website-design-web-designer-tampa/).    Remember, the first impression people get of your website is probably the most important part of turning leads into conversions.

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