Want to Increase Your Website Followers? Try Instagram

If you are aware of Instagram and still if you think it’s a waste of time then you are absolutely wrong. This new marketing tool is nothing to ignore. It plays a vital role in marketing business over the internet. According to a survey in 2012, it was observed that approx 85% of marketers believed that their business gained about 70% popularity due to social media networks like Instagram.

This new social media application is also important for Search Engine Optimization. It consists of about 90 million users each month and about 45 million photos are posted on Instagram every day. Each of the photos posted here gets about 9000 likes and 1000 comments. This is enough to prove how important is Instagram.

How to Increase Your Website Followers?

Now you might be worried how to use your skills to get real Instagram followers. It’s just simple. You don’t need to have special skills or talent for using this application. You don’t even need any training before using it. Instagram is a quick learning application. You can easily find or create new contents. So just capture an image for your business marketing and publish it over the internet. Your image is a single thing that can attract visitors to your site. The photo should be something that would explain everything about your business. It should be creative and attractive.

One thing that you should care about before using it for marketing you business is public relations. Make sure you have some close friends on Instagram who will help you throughout the process. They are the one who could help you increase your Instagram visitors. A human network is necessary for gaining popularity. If your business is the best among all your competitors but still you are unable to get popular then you are lacking man power. Public relations play an important role in spreading your business.

If you succeed in attracting visitors to like your Instagram image or profile then you’ll surely get huge likes for your website too. Link your Instagram photos with your website. When Instagram users will like your photo they will surely wish to visit your website once. Try to publish your brand on your website too. Using graphics designer can help you a lot in making the website eye-catching.

Organize Promotional Events Featuring Instagram

There is no other application like Instagram that could help you in publishing your brand around the world. So you have just this single application to expand your business. It can help you get huge number of audiences for your website. When you are all set to use Instagram one more thing that you could do is to organize promotional event for your brand and use Instagram social media as your marketing tool. Ask your visitors to take images of your event and select the best one as the Profile image. Many people will be interested in such act that would surely help you get Instagram followers to a large extent.

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