Want To Be A World Traveler? 4 Careers That Help You Do Just That

If you dream of traveling but fear you can’t experience much of the world with only two weeks of vacation per year, you might consider tailoring your career to fund your dreams. From programming to web design, there are plenty of options for those who want more freedom in where they work and what they do.


No matter how you look at it, programming is a great career. In this technological world, programming is extremely relevant and well-paid. Whether you’d like to move to a cheap location like Thailand or Serbia and work part-time, or you’d simply like to enjoy your earnings across the globe, programming is a great choice for combining work with travel. Although it takes some time to become proficient enough to work professionally, coding boot camps and online resources are available for the independent and driven worker. If you ever decide to pause your travels, you can take this career home with you while planning your next adventure.

Web Design

These days, everyone needs a website. If you’re a visual person with a background in business, freelancing as a web designer is an excellent location-independent job. From creating banners to optimizing mobile websites, this is a career full of opportunity. If you pick up some coding knowledge and delve into web development in addition to design, you’re likely to find an even bigger paycheck. Who knows? You might even pick up some design inspiration and make international connections while you travel through new and exciting locations.

Teaching English

From China to Chile, all kinds of countries rely on native English speakers to teach both children and adults. Especially in the international world of business, English is highly relevant and necessary. You can easily find one-year contracts across the globe as a teacher, although you often need to have a university degree for visa purposes. Career teachers find that certifications like the CELTA help them fulfill their lifelong goals of teaching with excellence across the globe. If you want to experience local culture in foreign places, this is an ideal career choice.

Internet Marketing

This is an excellent career choice for the entrepreneurial freelancer who wants to stay location-independent while seeing new sights. In this career, you can expect to help your client improve their reach to customers. From content writing to lead generation, an internet marketer’s job is all about providing value to the client and improving their business. If you have an analytical mind and like helping others, be sure to take this job on the road.

Traveling for work, or choosing a career that lets you live many different places, can be extremely exciting and rewarding. However, it’s important you have the necessary tools to help make this traveling as painless as possible. If you know you’re going to need housing in a new location, consider hiring professionals like those found at Exit Trinity Realty. By utilizing professionals, you can focus on your job and not spend ample amounts of time trying to do research on your own.

Traveling can be expensive, but it’s easy to see the world if you combine globetrotting with your career. Whether you’re working online or in-person, these careers are sure to help you experience everything the world has to offer without worrying about money.

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