Vhs To Dvd Converter

A VHS to DVD converter, this machine will help you preserve your memories by transferring your VHS video cassettes and turn them into DVD’s and all this is done by the touch of a button. Before you do that, why not use the facility of watching your old VHS videos before you change the memories over to DVD. This will also give you an idea of the better quality which is why the Video has died and the DVD has flourished.

If you are like me, collecting whole series of my favourite programmes, it can be a little disheartening to find whatever you have recorded them on is now no longer available or it has become obsolete because a new competitor has arrived on the market, Another example I have is, recently moving house I found a two or three videos of my son at his school performances in shows. The only problem is, my son is now grown up and I have not had a VHS recorder for many years. With this converter, my other half and I spent the evening reminiscing and watching him being a little sailor, oh and a sheep in one of the Christmas plays.

When it comes to viewing your DVD’s on this unit has 1080p up scaling through the HDMI output. This maximises the video resolution and it audio capacity on a HDMI compatible television with just a single cable.
The DV input will allow you to connect a camcorder straight into the device to transfer content straight on to a DVD (including a coaxial input) as well as a component and composite input.

An on screen display guide will help you all the way through the set up. It is compatible with most DVD formats. (This is in no way compatible with any Blu Ray system) The beauty of this machine is that it allows MP3 and JPEG playback and includes REM control.
The dimensions of the machine are 3 ¼ inches high x 17 inches wide x 10 ¾ depth. It only weighs 9 ¾ lbs. This also retails for around $350 dollars, you can buy a box of replacement disks, twenty five disks per box for $20.

This can prove invaluable for all those old memories. Once you have transferred all of your videos into DVD’s, an added bonus is that once you have changed them, it frees up a tremendous amount of space.

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