Updated Skilled Occupation List – Australia 2016

Australia, according to the country’s growth rate in terms of the economy, is updating their SOL every year. Why this is done is to reach their goals that have been set by the government. When the natives cannot fill the places, it will be opened to the expats via various visa programs. As a result of this, the SOL will be released by the country annually and this is being used by several people from across the globe.And, these would include the occupations that aren’t being occupied by locals. Now, let’s see what this year’s list has for us here…

An Overview Of The Updates:

In general, the updates will be made to the sub classes of 189 and 489 visa categories for independent, as well as regional visa applicants. Also, it is applicable to the graduate temporary visa applicants. This list came into play from the first of July this year. It’s to be noted that your occupation being in the list doesn’t mean that you are eligible for applying but you need to meet some other qualification in order to get into it.

What are those requirements? Your age must be between eighteen and forty-nine at the time of application. You should prove your English skills by clearing a test. However, the native speakers of this language couldget an exemption from such tests. Besides this, you must clear the skill assessments in your profession. I would say that the criteria of these assessments would differ from one profession to another and you will have to face a number of authorities regarding this. However, most often, you will be tested based on your qualification and experience. Apart from this, you need to clear the points test with a score of sixty or more.

What Before Applying?

Before applying for such visas, the applicants must express their interests about these visas via a system called ‘SkillSelect’. After this, you would be called for applying. Then, all the above-mentioned processes will take place.

This Year’s Updates:

As rightly predicted by our company’s One Visa http://www.one-visa.com research team, several occupations were added and some were taken out from the list. The most additions were done in the medical profession. The following professions could get a place in the current list:

  • Audiologist
  • Orthodontist
  • Prosthetist

However, some nine occupations were taken out from the list. Those are:

  • Engineers – Mining, Petroleum
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Metallurgist
  • Health Officer – Environmental
  • Adviser – Occupational Health and Safety
  • Dental – Hygienist, Prosthetist, Technician, and Therapist

We can see that there are no changes been made to the list of occupations in the sponsored list. The sponsored list for both employer- and state-sponsored remains unchanged. And, it’s found to be updated only for the subclasses like independent, regional, and family-sponsored visas.

Most importantly, it’s to be noted that the current list didn’t bring any problem to the professionals in accounting and most engineering fields. Also, this list remains unchanged in the information technology sector too.

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