Unorthodox Ways To Increase Productivity

When you own a business, your most valuable resource are the humans who work for you. You can replace raw materials at your business very easily, but the people who work for you are carefully recruited and selected based on so many different factors. The way they work together is very important as well. When you put together a team at your office that works together well, you want to cultivate that environment. The office culture is very important to how much work these employees do. To that end, you want to ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed, while not being unproductive.


The furniture in your office plays a big role in how productive your employees are. When employees are uncomfortable in poorly designed furniture, they might work less. This happens because employees might slouch in their changes to accommodate for poorly designed furniture. This slouching can create pain in the back and joints that will make them less alert and more concerned with their own pain.

Ergonomic office furniture offers comfort while not reducing your employees’ productivity. This means that the chairs, for example, would be designed to fit the natural curvature of the spine. Uncomfortable chairs are not designed to curve with the normal motions of the human spine. They are typically straight backed chairs that force the worker to contort him or herself awkwardly to fit in the chair. The spine normally curves in something of an S-shape. If the chair does not allow for that, it tends to become very uncomfortable.

Do not be fooled by chairs that claim to be comfortable because they offer large amounts of cushioning. Cushioning might make the chair more comfortable in the short term, but you will ultimately feel the effect of an improperly supported spine.


The office desks are very important as well. The height of a desk is one of the most important features. One of the most common workplace complaints is painin the wrist and neck. This pain often results from working at a computer that is not at the proper height. If your tall employees are hunching over to look at their computers, they are putting extra strain on their necks. For every few degrees that someone tilts her head forward, the weight on the neck multiplies. Also, bending the wrist at an awkward angle while typing can result in pain or injury. To avoid this, you should make sure that your tall employees’ desks are high enough that they are not having to contort themselves to work. In the inverse, you should make sure that your shorter employees are not looking up at their desks or having to lift their hands too high to type.

Adjustable chairs are the easiest way to make sure that the desk is at the right height for work. However, you have to make sure that the desks offer enough room underneath them for employees to adjust their chairs. Some desks that might look very good do not offer that type of versatility.

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