Types Of Windows That Work Well With Valances

Adding valances to your windows can help increase your home’s curbside appeal, especially if your house has several windows that face the street. It can also increase the functionality and decorative design of your home’s interior. To get the look that’s perfect for your windows and your rooms, pay attention to the size of the entire room, which includes the height and width of the room.

Also, consider the activities that you and your family generally engage in while in the room. This way you can be sure that installing valances gives the room lots of suitability. For example, you may not want to add valances to windows in rooms that are used as heavily trafficked playrooms.

Just about any window works well with valances. Short, narrow windows are decorative with a single valance and no curtains. Regardless of where you hang valances, including Marburn valances, you can get a signature look by sewing your initials in the middle of the valance. This technique works well in bedrooms. For example, you could sew your athletic daughter’s initials in a valance that’s printed with sports memorabilia.

Highlight the valances and your daughter’s sports passions by sewing a piece of cloth that’s dyed in your daughter’s school colors over a square board that’s about the size of a computer printer top. Tack framed pictures of your daughter’s athletic achievements or sports competitions onto the board. If you buy valances that are the same color as the cloth sewed to the board, it can bring the decor in the room out that much more.

For long windows, you’re going to need several panels of Marburn valances. In this case, opt for valances that have a straight bottom hem. Avalon, Chambray Seersucker, Chatsworth, Danbury and Fairfield are types of decorative valances that are sewn with a straight bottom hem.

You can hang more traditional valances that have dips in them at shorter windows. Brands and styles these Marburn valances come in include Floral Lustre, Floral Medallion, Grace, Garden Path, Hermitage, Kate, Ombre and Sanibel. Some of these valances have long side hems, while others offer an elegant layered round hem.

If you’re looking for valances to decorate a medium length kitchen window with, you might want to go for a valance with a straight bottom hem. However, an elegant layered hem would also work, especially if your kitchen window is centered between two cabinets and just above your sink.

Marburn valances can also be used to decorate top spaces above windows. To do this, you just need to measure the length of the top edge of the windows you want to add boxed valances to. If you don’t plan on using the boxed valances as storage areas, fill the open space with spices, family pictures or knick knacks that you treasure. It’s a great way to add a distinctive touch to your home. It’s also a great way to save space. If you want to conceal what’s stored in the boxed valances, hang print or plain colored Marburn valances in front of the boxed storage area.

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