Tradesman Entrepreneurship: 6 Tips To Becoming A Self Employed Contractor

As a tradesman, you have several ways to earn money. Being a self employed contractor has more of its perks than setbacks if you are willing to work for it. Know how to increase the benefits of becoming fully independent. Follow 6 ways that you can achieve true tradesman entrepreneurship by becoming a self employed worker.

1. Decide Exactly What You Want to Do

Choose the services that you want to provide as a self-employed contractor. Place all of your best skills, education and experience on the resume. For example, if your previous job was as a secretary, say that your skills include office organization, basic accounting and file management. With those skills listed, you have a better idea of knowing the services you plan to offer customers.

2. Decide the Costs

Decide the amount of money that you want for each of the services. Consider the average rates that are going around in the current market. Compare the rates by calling the competitors and asking for cost estimates.

3. Get Fitted With the Right Equipment

Get fitted with the right equipment so that you stay prepared at all times, even as you head on the road to work. If your work requires a lot of travel, get equipped with a properly fitted work truck from a company like Western Truck Body Mfg. Get strong, custom door installations and paint jobs on truck bodies that withstand the harsh work conditions.

4. Handle Your Taxes

Every regular employee and self employed individual that makes more than $600 per year is required to file taxes. The business that you work for is likely to request a W-9 form where you enter your personal details and tax identification number. You may have to file additional forms in addition to the self employment ones, so check with the employer.

5. Earn Professional Qualifications

Earn the right qualifications to work as a professional in your industry. Look up the minimum requirements as far as the certificate and insurance. All customers want professionals who are properly certified and licensed. They usually look past the ones who do not have these credentials. Also, get involved in reputable organizations that relate to your work.

6. Create a Marketing Plan

Come up with the ideal marketing campaign to promote your services. Research the basics of advertising, such as posting an ad in the newspaper, and go into creative methods like posting YouTube videos. You need enough money to advertise because your services go nowhere if you do not take this route.

Self employed contractors do not work for major companies, so they are able to control their business methods and find customers on their own. First, they must have the skills to fulfill projects based on client requirements. Since the industry changes often, they need to continue developing their skills and finding new customers. Always review new tips on how to become a self employed contractor.

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