Tracking Your Ads – Know How Effective Your Ads Are

If you have a sustaining business already, then you also must be aware of tracking your ads both online and offline. However if you are a newbie, then you must know that tracking your ads means not only knowing about the leads your ads are creating, but also you need to learn about tracking your ads.Tracking your ads means knowing about how your ads work, how you can build up a customer base on your ads – in normal terms if you want to market well, you need to keep a track of your marketing system.

While online advertising can be tracked in different ways, offline advertising also has its ways and means to be tracked.

Offline tracking your ads

In the first place, you know that you advertised so that people can know about your products and services, and therefore tracking your ads offline will mean tracking the people who got interested by your offline advertisements.

With advertising being modified and given a new look in the print media, you must be very well aware that, the ad you gave in the newspaper or the magazine for your product or service has a small line where it is written ‘please visit our website to know better and more about our services and products’.

So your offline advertising itself becomes a source for tracking your offline ads online!

So the first source of tracking your ads will be your own business site. You must have online trackers like query forms and landing pages, which are the major sources of tracking your ads. The most basic way to know how many people checked your site, after seeing your ads in the magazine, is to mention a query section where you can ask how one came to know about your site in the first place.

Please have an option click section e.g. ‘saw our advertisement online on another site’ and ‘saw our advertisement in a newspaper’.

So you will get to know many how people visiting your sites came to know about your site via newspapers. Next are magazines. Second to newspapers are magazines where you can advertise offline. So again just in the same process whichever online website you have mentioned in your offline advertisement will help you to track your ads.

Since magazines are mostly read in leisure time, you can also put on the name of website in a more discreet manner for the customer you are targeting. One more important way to track your ads is to use ‘call tracking’. You will know that your offline ad is most effective if the customer calls you up himself in the number you mentioned in your ad print ‘to know more about your products and services’.

Tracking calls not only helps you identify the most prospective leads for your business, but also helps you to know how well your offline ads are working.

Why is tracking your ads important for you?

If you want to sustain the business you have and earn a good ROI on your investment, then tracking your ads is directly proportional to the leads which your business creates.

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