Top Tips in Financing a Non Profitable Organization

Finance and its types:

An allocation of asset in any time irrespective of the surety or non surety of the conditions is what we call finance. One important perspective of finance is that the value of the currency keeps on changing with time. The aim of finance is to price the assets according to the level of risk into it and also the return which is expected out of it. There are three major categories of finance and they are as follows:

  • Public finance
  • Personal finance
  • Corporate finance


Process of Fundraising:

This is a process which involves soliciting other than accumulating voluntary contributions like money or any other resources by asking for donations from different individuals or business houses or charitable organizations and agencies related to government. Non profitable organizations identifies and solicit ate different investors and capital sources of profitable enterprises by putting extreme efforts in gathering the required money from them. Though conventionally fund raising implied on requesting for donations from people door to door or on the street, the entire process got developed in recent days. The charitable organizations involves caters in different fields like scholarship of students according to the merit list, awards for athletics and academics, concerns which are humanitarian, reliefs in disaster, research, human rights and many other issues socially.

Fund raising by professionals:

There are many organizations which are non profitable taking undue advantages of the services of fund raisings.  These organizations try to keep a percentage of the funds raised or being extra paid compared to the actual. This is forbidden absolutely by the Code of Ethics from the Association of Fund Raising Professionals. The most common practice now conducted by the non-profitable organization in America like that of Reza Bundy is to get a staff employed who’s key responsibility area is to raise funds. The employee gets treated as one of the senior management and gets salary from the company. Again some of the fundraisers in the non profitable section get paid on a percentage of the fund raised. The Attorney general and the state secretaries in United States of America determine the amount of funds to be passed to these non profitable organizations. The ratio varies and is a mark of contention that happens between the general people and the organizations which are non profitable. Professional fundraisers is legalized and it refers to firms which are of third party and the services are contracted whereas in most cases these fund raisers are employees or development officers and are often staffs of these non profitable institutions.

Some examples of community benefits:

There are clubs for Boys and Girls in Santa Monica which has got hundreds or thousands of kids in Los Angeles from the streets and gave an environment which benefitted them through their child improvement programs. These organizations are prevailing since almost sixty seven years and are reliable. The programs are highly effective and aim at developing the youth to make this place a better place to live in. They have got over hundred fifty computers and twenty technology media centers to fund these children.

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