Top Jobs that Pay You Well

While choosing a career some of the things that people look out for are passion, interests, talent and money. Most people think that in order to make loads of money you have to join athletes or acting careers. This is however not true as you can make a lot of money in other careers such as:


Although it takes about 10- 15 years of training the results sure are sweet where you can end up taking home around $ 181,850. This is a job that requires a lot of hands on experience with many surgeons preferring to specialize in specific areas such as brain and heart surgery. Going through medical school is not a cheap affair as almost 80% of the graduates have debt.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


This is the highest raking individual in an organization and most of the time the highest paid. A CEO could end up earning $140,880 or more. They are normally responsible for day to day operations and strategic direction of the company. He/she normally answers to a board of directors that is elected by shareholders. In small companies however, the CEO can also act as the entire board of members. There are numerous paths to becoming a chief executive officer like working for a company for many years or simply opening your company and naming yourself CEO.



A registered nurse can end up earning more than $ 80,000 depending on their specific duties as well as the hospital and location where they work. Their main responsibilities include: assessing the patient’s health problems & needs and developing and implementing ideal nursing care plans. Nurses’ jobs also involve maintaining medical records. Registration or licensing is required. There are various scopes of the job such as clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, registered nurse anesthetics and certified nurse midwives. Advanced practiced nursing is mostly left to registered nurses who have post basic education and can practice highly specialized and autonomous roles.


There are different roles that you can get with IT jobs with the highest being computer and information systems managers. People who hold this position can end up taking home at least $ 100,110. They are mostly responsible for direction and strategy implementation of an organization IT (Information Technology) system. Most managers usually start out as data analysts or programmers. Other elements of the job include information management, overseeing IT security, deployment of information technology, application and software selection, compliance and revenue assurance. Candidates who wish to work in this field have to complete degree or masters programs in computer engineering, computer science or mathematics.

Hotel Mangers


The hospitality industry also presents a number of well paying positions such as hotel managers. A hotel manager can end up pocketing at least $90,000 or more especially if they are working in high end hotels. Their main responsibilities include monitoring income and expenditure, setting rates, supervising other staff and generally making sure that the hotels runs in the proper way, in larger institutions, the manager usually has another team of managers that work on different fields in the hotel such as food and beverage, front office managers and so forth.

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