Top 7 methods recruiters should use to find new employees

Building a successful business starts with finding motivated employees, which makes recruiting one of the most important jobs in the office. Once you’ve nailed down the specifics of the position and written a compelling and accurate job description, it’s time to find your new employee. Some recruitment methods are more successful than others, so turn to the best option to increase your chance of success.

1. Internal hires: Before looking for external hires, consider whether anyone in your company may be able to fill the position. Take a look at people who are ready for a promotion or consider a combination of a lateral shift and a promotion. This approach helps keep your existing employees satisfied, creates a positive work environment and lets you switch to hiring for a less critical position.

2. Job fairs: When you have several open positions to fill, it may be helpful to set up a booth at a job fair for your industry. You’ll find candidates who are qualified to work in your field, but who have not yet gotten connected with the right position. Plus, you get the advantage of a face-to-face meeting on the spot, which helps streamline the interview process.

3. Employee referrals: The people who already work for your company likely already have connections with candidates who would be perfect for the job. Before turning your time and energy to advertising open positions, which takes longer and is ultimately less successful, let employees know about positions and ask for referrals. You can even offer bonuses to employees who refer an individual who is subsequently hired and completes the first few months on the job.

4. Social networks: Today, some of the best candidates for the job come through social networks. Be active on LinkedIn and post your position there. It’s a perfect way to connect with candidates who know people who you are connected to on the network. You can also use Facebook, Twitter and networks relevant to your industry.

5. Job boards: This option provides huge visibility. Many candidates check job boards frequently to learn about positions they haven’t found anywhere else. You’re likely to get a huge volume of applications, which can be helpful for human resources personnel who are looking to screen a variety of job seekers. Job boards tend to be best at finding candidates for entry-level positions, although they certainly also work for more advanced jobs.

6. Open houses: One of the best ways to weed through potential candidates quickly is to hold an open house. Invite all candidates who have showed interest and take the time to meet and greet them. This approach helps you find people who are really interested in the position because they take the time to show up.

7. Staffing companies: Although the initial costs are high for using a staffing company to fill your position, it’s a great option if you’re understaffed and don’t have the time or manpower to conduct a job search. Staffing companies do all the work for you and often place candidates who will go on to be great employees.

Through all of these recruiting methods, your focus should be on identifying promising candidates quickly and efficiently. Don’t waste your time on candidates who you can tell aren’t right for the job, and instead, focus on spreading the word about the position to people who are most likely to be qualified and interested. Hopefully you’ll find the right employee who will stay with your company for years and be a perfect addition to your team.