Top 10 Ways To Use Google For Online Reputation Management

Google is your main weapon against negative online reviews published about your brand. The reason is that most online users make use of Google to search for information and updates about your products and services. Obviously, the publishers of negative reviews also depend upon Google to bring across their pages to users who search for your brand. That makes Google the battle arena chosen by the negative review publishers and online users. In other words, if you have to defend your brand, you have to do it here, on Google! Here are the top 10 ways in which you can do it:

  • Google Alerts: Before you begin to write positive reviews or any other counter attack, you need to find out what is being written about your brand. Google Alert will help you uncover negative reviews and other criticism that is being published about your brand online. It is only after identifying these areas can you begin to chalk a defence strategy.
  • Press Releases: If you want to use Google for your online reputation management, you have to write press releases. Press releases are ranked by Google at favourable slots and they also get a lot of leverage online. Google allows both paid and free press releases to be published. Press releases will help you get your ideas across to your online users.
  • Blogging: Google has a lot of value for fresh, relevant content. With more sophisticated algorithms ensuring that content farming and recycling is out of the picture, a good way to get online reputation is to start blogging. Attach a blog to your website or write guest posts for popular blogs.
  • SEO: You cannot leave out good old SEO if you want to use Google for online reputation management! Optimizing on Google will help you bring your website and the internal web pages into the limelight. If you can grab the top ranks on Google, a major part of your online reputation management battle is won.
  • Keyword Research: Google provides many keyword research tools that are very useful in online reputation management. Keywords play an important role not just in optimizing your positive content, but also bringing them at loggerheads with the negative content. Otherwise, both will survive!
  • Google Images: Google offers you another way to reach out to your searchers with positive impressions. Google Images will help you post images and visuals on Google so that when online users search for your brand, they are greeted with images along with the content that you feed into the SEO stream.
  • Video Links: Google allows you to upload videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites. For online reputation management, these videos are integral to the scheme of things. Video links have to be optimized judiciously so that Google crawl them out and posts them on SERPs.
  • Optimized Websites: The optimization of your website is crucial to your survival on the online reputation management scene. Google attaches a lot of importance to quality websites that are properly optimized.
  • Social Networking: Google lists social media profiles at the very top of the heap. You can make use of Google to make your social media profiles popular among your users and connect with them in a more engaging way.
  • Disseminating Content: This is a fantastic way of managing your online reputation through Google. Upload and publish quality content that links to your website. You achieve twin aims with this approach: you get ranked on Google and you also bring in more online users to your website.

Author’s Bio: Jennifer Marks is a blogger and web content writer specializing in online reputation repair.

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