Tips That Could Help A PPC Campaign Work Wonders

PPC is one of the areas of online marketing that could do wonders for a business. Every business expects its PPC campaign to generate a lot of traffic that gets converted in to leads and sales with the same proportion.

A web marketing services provider works day and night in devising ways in which a PPC campaign could yield countless benefits for the business. For this purpose, many things are tried like:

  • The selection of perfect keyword
  • Writing a perfect ad
  • Implementation of new ad features.

However, in the real world, wonders just don’t happen out of the blue. Rather they require constant planning and attention to detail. The lines below give three major tips that can help you work wonders with your PPC campaign.

1. Use of Sitelinks:

Ad extension sitelinks are a good ploy to make the campaign yield more in terms of conversion. The sitelinks are very easy to implement and can help in improving the click-through rate. The key benefits and things to remember about the use of sitelinks in your ads are:

  • The use of links in ads for branded terms ads more breadth and depth to the ad text. Which consequently makes the ad interesting to people.
  • The space that an ad with sitelinks covers makes it easy to achieve a better click through rate.
  • For non-branded different sitelinks could be added in the ad, that support the query. Such examples can include, website pages with tips, products, or services related to the query.
  • By using the brand name, the brand authority can be effectively promoted in the regular part of the ad text.

Besides the advantages sitelinks bring pertaining to improving CTR, there are a few limitations as well:

  • Although sitelinks are a perfect speed boosting tool, but you never know what is working and why.
  • Sitelinks are only available at the campaign level; they need to be made available on the ad group level.

2. Punctuations and Fix Capitalizations:

The way your ads are displayed in the results, if that be looked while they are actually displayed, can provide you with chances to make your ads more tempting and effective that provoke more clicks.

The use of punctuation marks in different ad text versions can help you differently. For instance, when Google displays ads with long headings, then the use of punctuation mark such as mark of exclamation at the end of first description line can help Google identify it as a description line, and it will display the ad with the same description line.

3. Switching from AdWords to adCenter:

Switching your PPC management services campaign from Google AdWords to Microsoft’s AdCenter is another way in which you can make the campaign performs well.

Earlier there were problems pertaining to switching from adwords to adcenter, where complications were caused in the ad text, the link, and negative keywords.

  • However, now, adcenter allows the same number of characters in ads, as does Google adWords.
  • Microsoft has also modified the way negative keywords were handled before. Now more advanced matching structures could be applied to the campaign.
  • Moreover, the frequency of updates rolled out by adCenter is much more compared to AdWords, another reason to switch to adCenter.


In short, no PPC campaign can do wonders on its own; rather it requires precise planning, and a close watch on the changes that are taking place in different ads display services.

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