Tips For Choosing Local Removalists In Melbourne

Moving a household or an office is a stressful task, requiring attention to a myriad of details. Homeowners and office managers appreciate the efficient, budget-friendly and hassle free relocations offered by professional removalists companies in Melbourne. Expert removalists can make the entire process affordable and easy.

Tips for Finding Home Removalists in Melbourne 

Proper planning for a home move ensures that it occurs efficiently and relatively hassle free. Important points to consider include:  

  •  Inventory everything to be moved, disposing of items no longer used or wanted
  • Use the new floor plan to decide where furniture will be placed, and plan for storage of wanted items that will not fit
  • Purchase new furniture only after ensuring it will fit and can be maneuvered within the hallways and stairs
  • Make sure all renovations at the new location are completed before the move
  • Book removalists during less busy periods if possible, not the end of the month, over holidays or during the summer
  • Decide whether to attempt to complete all or part of the move with the help of friends, or choose to have the entire job completed by a professional removalists Melbourne company
  • List the seemingly unending tasks involved in closing out a house, from change of address notifications, to stopping utilities, and even removing gasoline from garden equipment 

If a piano is involved, leave that job to a professional removalists in Melbourne. They have the experience, equipment and manpower to perform that specialized move. Professional piano movers also carry insurance to cover any damage that may occur to the piano during the move. 

Guides for Finding Office Removalists in Melbourne 

Moving an entire office is a massive job, best left to professionals who do this regularly. These companies typically offer comprehensive project management and office moving services that coordinate every aspect of a commercial move. Removalist experts work with the office manager to implement an effective move while maintaining business continuity for clients, the organization and for staff. 

As required, removalists Melbourne companies, such as Quick Quality Moves (, provide services including: 

  • Environmental disposal services
  • Server and IT relocation
  • Space planning
  • Office fit outs and refurbishment
  • Transition, asset and move management 

Choosing the Right Removalists 

In choosing a removalist company, a homeowner or office manager should consider the following: 

  • Obtain a number of quotes, well before the actual move date; consider the price, service to be provided, and scheduling availability; while online and phone quotes are possible, it is best to get a detailed on site quote for more accurate information
  • Check references and recommendations from previous customers
  • Review credentials, years of experience and membership in professional removalists associations
  • Ensure that the company has the skills to handle any special requirements, such as moving heavy equipment, or the dismantling and reconnection of IT equipment
  • Be sure all terms and conditions of the contract are clear, and that the payment and moving schedules are acceptable 

With proper planning and the choice of a removalists Melbourne company, the homeowner or office manager can enjoy a smooth and at least stress-reduced moving experience. Homeowners will be able to look forward to their relocation with anticipation. Office staff can be assured that their business will continue with minimal disruption. 

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