The True Cost Of Love

Many people think that love is free and the emotion certainly costs nothing financially. However, being in a relationship is not free of charge and here in this link you can see, there is an evidence to support this.

  • The Full Cost:
    They have picked up on some research done by and that has come up with a cost of $43,842.08. A little specific you may think, but it is still a huge amount of money. They have not just picked it out of the air though, they have carefully calculated the costs in a relationship over two years, from the first date until the wedding. Obviously, everyone is different in how they do things and how much they spend but most people will not have considered the financial cost of their relationship.
  • Breaking It Down:
    As most of you would guess, the main cost is the wedding. The average cost of one of these is $26,961. It sounds a lot but by the time you pay for the rings, entertainment, invites, jewellery and outfits for the bridal party, hair, make-up, cake, transport, venue, food, flowers, photos and honeymoon it adds up a lot. It used to be traditional for the bride’s parents to pay for the wedding, but these days, many more couples are having to cover a lot of the costs themselves.

    The engagement has costs too such as a ring and a party. Then there are all of those dates. These will take place over the course of the two years and may include going out to eat and drink, seeing films or plays and even having small holidays. It was calculated that on average a couple had 12 fancy dates, 36 casual dates, 12 movie dates, 2 short breaks, 1 holiday and they would probably buy new clothes and at times flowers or other gifts as an apology for something.

  • Budgeting:
    This could be rather a scary thought, but you do not have to spend this much money. It is important to make sure that you talk about money early on in the relationship, so that you understand each other’s feelings about it. If you do not agree on money matters then it could lead to many problems in the future.
  • Planning:
    Initially you will not know you have a future together of course, but as you grow closer, then make sure that you make financial plans for the future. Find out what debts the other person has and their attitude towards spending money as if you do not like it, then it is better to find out early on. You should be able to work out a budget for dates and trips and therefore still afford treats without getting into financial trouble.

    So making sure that you plan wisely financially can help. Whether you do this while you are still single so that you can afford a relationship or it is too late and you do it with your partner, doesn’t matter. Just make sure that you are aware that the future could be costly and consider how you will afford it.


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