The Remodeling You’d Remodel For

Ok, you’ve really done it now! Months ago when you finished building that dream kitchen it seemed like all your home-y hopes had come true. But today you bought one too many baking pans (or finally washed all those dishes) and realized you didn’t have as much space as you thought. Or maybe gloomy winter makes you realize how dark your space is. Or maybe it’s all getting just a little too cramped with all your wonderful, lovely, not-at-all-intrusive family members visiting.

Whatever, is giving you remodel regret; understand that you’re not alone. It’s hard to plan out all the needs of a space before it exists, so don’t be afraid to add a few bells and whistles post production. Follow along for some bold and beautiful tips to give your kitchen that somethin-somethin; without opening up another construction zone.

Cabinet Knobs

I see you — with your perfectly planned cabinets. They really are lovely, by the way. But while cabinetmakers sell an array of woods and finishes, they often skimp on the available knobs. It’s like the saying goes, “You’re never fully dressed without your decorative cabinet knob or pull.” It’s a crime to have those cabinets without the best ways to open them. Luckily, the trusty Internet has cabinet hardware dealers selling more knobs than you can shake a different knob at. Installation is easy and you can change the cabinet knobs with any passing seasons or dramatic mood swing. Bliss.


Creative Cabinets

Spaces between wall studs, under stairs and awkward corners are fertile ground for the cleverest storage around. Keep in mind; the walls in your house are hollow (forgiving wiring and pipes, of course). So a carefully selected piece of wall can turn into extremely useful and out-of-the-way recessed shelving. If all you want for Christmas is a few extra shelves, then just pick up that sledgehammer and make ‘em a home. Ok, that sounds dramatic; but so is your lack of storage. Either the wall goes, or your collection of wooden shoe salt shakers has to – I think we can all agree that the wall is toast. Plan a rectangle out and build shelves in the new niche or buy a book case to fit.



Clean Drawers

This is a storage and aesthetic enhancing idea. Counter clutter is the mortal enemy to a peaceful kitchen; but organization of appliances and utensils cannot be done by drawers alone. Investing in specially made inserts to your drawers and cabinets can make all the difference. These elements can be found ready-to-buy or custom made. They maximize the space of your storage so you can get more stuff out of sight. It’s 2012, you just shouldn’t have to get the mars rover to find your pot lid.


Clever switches are what will take your kitchen ahead of the curve. No matter how close your last update was, there are always fresh innovations that your space will thank you for.


Joe  is a San Francisco foodie. He spends his time whining, wine-ing and looking for the type of taco that makes people believe in true love.

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