The Perks Of Using Double Glazing For Your Office Building

Most commercial structures are in the need for outside views and natural light. According to certain studies, exposure to increased natural light makes workers show up for work more rested and sleep better, which consequently leads to increased productivity. The outside surface of most office buildings is in windows and, even though they enable natural light to come in, windows are the areas of heat loss and the highest noise level. Because of this, commercial building should improve their windows in order to make those who spend a lot of time inside happier, and save money by preventing excessive heat loss.

Double Glazing: What Is It And Why Do We Need It?

Double glazing does not change the exterior appearance of a construction, it are easy to install, and suits all windows. With double glazed windows, the amount of noise is reduced and thermal comfort is improved. More money is saved because they are energy efficient and reduce the amount of heat that goes out of the building.

Double glazed windows act as insulators because the space between the panes is completely sealed. The transfer of cold air that comes in is therefore limited. When the space gets filled with gas (most commonly with argon), acoustic and thermal performance is also increased because argon has low conductivity properties.

Thermal Comfort

By investing in double glazed windows installment, your office space will stay warm during wintertime and cool during the summer. The condensation that can appear on windows is reduced because the solution Magnetite has provided proved to be a great thermal insulator. Windows’ performance can improve up to 62% during the coldest months and 76% during summer heat, for the optical grade acrylic glazing that Magnetite uses is 6 times more thermally efficient than glass.

Energy Efficiency

By opting for a retro-fitted option, your office space will save a substantial amount of energy, say NZ’s double glazing professionals. About 40% of the total amount of energy that gets lost from any construction is lost through windows. With this window solution, you will conserve energy, save money, and go green by reusing the existing windows instead of purchasing new ones. Also, the carbon footprint will be significantly reduced.

Noise Reduction

Molecules vibrating in a gas create a form of energy known as sound. These vibrations are also called sound waves, and their level of intensity is measured in decibels. When it comes to closed spaces, windows are the biggest noise conductors. With normal windows, noise travels through them in different ways, but with retrofit double glazing system those ways are cut off. Magnetic seals, used for installing double glazed windows, create a cavity between window panes that are airtight. The result? The windows acts like a buffer against noise. Sound insulation of a double glazed window can be improved by using an efficient insulating window frame, thicker glass and differing the thicknesses of the panes used, and making the cavity between glass panes the widest possible. In the end, noise reduction of up to 70% can be achieved.

Window Energy Rating Scheme has tested and confirmed these double glazing system features, along with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). It is blatantly obvious that this solution is likely to considerably improve aesthetics, comfort and functionality in both commercial and private structures.

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