The Perks of Domestic Outsourcing

While outsourcing can be a hot-button topic these days, it’s also understandable that one small business may not have the resources to do payroll, human resources and prepare taxes, all while doing whatever it is they offer to clients. In order to bridge that gap, many small businesses are choosing to outsource locally.

Whether you need accounting help, or a new marketing campaign, outsourcing some of the ancillary aspects of your business can be incredibly advantageous. Below you’ll find five ways to outsource these tasks so you can focus on why you started your business in the first place.


For those who simply don’t have the accounting mindset, outsourcing should be an obvious choice. Even if your company has an accounting department, it may be helpful to seek outside help for certain accounting tasks, especially come tax season. There’s absolutely no shame in outsourcing your company’s finance tracking to an outsider like a certified public accountant (CPA), or even a tax firm to complete yours company’s taxes.


While some may consider payroll closely tied to accounting, it’s often an entirely separate aspect of business that can be managed by someone other than a CPA. With that said, payroll is one of the most critical and precisely calculated aspects of a business. It holds crucial relevance to a company’s finances and potential ramifications with the IRS if done inaccurately. Nearly one third of all companies are hit with IRS penalties due to faulty payroll procedures. It’s quite easy to outsource payroll to a company that specializes in doing so. When picking the right payroll service for your company, it’s important to choose one with a reputable standing in the industry. Getting a recommendation from another trusted business is the best way to find a reliable payroll service.


While the big firms typically all have marketing departments, small businesses must rely on their limited in-house marketing expertise to sell their products or services to customers. Often, the limited marketing experience that a small business has on staff is simply insufficient, which is why, it can be beneficial to outsource to a marketing firm or advertising agency. Along with financial tasks, marketing and advertising are some of the most frequently outsourced aspects of a business. And while a small business could stick with sub-par marketing without outsourcing the duties, taking the extra step to invest in a quality marketing campaign can really make a difference.

Janitorial Duties

Keeping your workplace clean and organized is somewhat of an obvious decision for most, but you would be surprised at the number of companies that overlook or simply choose to neglect the cleanliness of their workplace. Banking on your employees to clean up after themselves and regularly maintain a pristine working environment isn’t the best strategy. It’s likely that it will fall to one or two employees to clean every time, which won’t exactly produce job satisfaction when their title has nothing to do with cleaning the bathroom. Not to mention, you want your workplace to be presentable to outsiders at all times since you never know who will stop in.

Administrative Assistance

Hiring an in-house administrative assistant is a common practice with many businesses, but it’s one that isn’t entirely necessary. In fact, it can be outsourced quite easily to a company that specializes in administrative assisting. From data entry to managing the administrative schedule, outsourcing the job can be just as effective, if not more so.

Time is money

Your time is undoubtedly worth alot of money. Unnecessarily wasting that time on micro-management and tasks that can be efficiently outsourced is much more advantageous to your company. Additionally, outsourcing one of the aforementioned tasks to a local specialist not only keeps jobs in the country, it also creates new jobs. Not to mention, it can let your team focus on what you hired them to do.

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