The Perks Of Being A Receptionist

Taking up a job as a receptionist has some its perks, this job typically entails answering the phone, greeting people who entering the company and performing basic administrative tasks. Believe it or not, if you’re looking for receptionist jobs; there are some perks to it and it’s not an entirely serious job to have; of you enjoy interacting with people this may the ideal job for you. Here are some fun perks to being the first point of contact at a company:

  1. You are the link between a visitor or caller and a staff member; based on instructions from the relevant person or your savvy sense of judgement – you can let someone know whether they will be able to speak or see the person they are asking for
  2. Depending on how charming you are, some clients can leave some nice gifts – food baskets, flowers, snacks and other products
  3. As the first point of contact, you can get to know different people and listen to their stories, juicy gossip and dishing out some nice advice
  4. Depending on the company you work for, you can meet some seriously important people and you will be a face they remember
  5. You make an important difference to people’s lives and jobs; a good example is if someone is waiting to be interviewed – you can cheer them up with light conversation or calm a nervous client who calls in and assure them that everything is running smoothly
  6. You are the first person to know if someone has an amazing gift waiting for them and you get to share the news with them and get the first reaction
  7. You always get to look good and work on interesting hairdos; as the first point of contact you have to look good and presentable
  8. There is plenty of room to grow; the truth is reception can get quiet on some days and those quiet days can be used to study and take your career to the next level
  9. You get to learn all about new technology in telecommunication and ICT which are pivotal in streamlining communications across the company
  10. You get to all about everyone’s job; people at various levels will ask for your assistance and calls will come through you. With time, you get to understand each person’s role in the organisation

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