The Perks Of Being A Mystery Shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper offers some fantastic perks to take advantage of. It is often looked at with a certain level of contempt from outsiders, as a pursuit that can’t offer much in the way of recompense but once you dig deeper, and speak to those who have done it for a long period you’ll realise that there are a number of benefits and advantages.

Getting Paid to Mystery Shop – Of course, the biggest perk of all is to get paid to go shopping. Mystery shoppers will receive compensation, whether monetary or in other forms, in return for the work they produce. If they are asked to put together reports on stores that they already shop in, what’s not to love about the biggest perk of them all.

Free ‘Stuff’ – Sometimes this is how mystery shoppers are paid; instead of money they’ll be offered to review a movie for free, try an item of clothing or electrical appliance. You might be asked to visit a restaurant for a free meal, try a drink or street food. You’ll always have to pay up front for the things you review but will be reimbursed by the company you are providing the data to.

Appeals to a Flexible Lifestyle – For many people the beauty of taking part in mystery shopping is that it is an entirely flexible pursuit. If you are looking to earn some extra money on the side, as well as having a full-time job, this allows you to do so. It is perfect for students, stay-at-home mums and dads and anyone else who desires a flexible schedule.

Manage Your Own Projects – Working for yourself is a fantastic perk for many. Being contracted as a mystery shopper works in the same way as an independent contractor of any nature and therefore you are your own boss. You can work when and how often you feel like it, around other commitments and can also work with a number of different mystery shopping agencies to make more money. You can also deduct travel expenses and other related costs from your tax bill.

Variety is the Spice of Life – Life is anything but boring as a mystery shopper. You’ll be tasked with a variety of assignments, across multiple industries. You are in complete control over the type of work you take on and the amount. So if you fancy taking in some retail stores on one morning, and a cinema trip later that day, you can choose assignments that fit in with that desire.

Becoming a mystery shopper helps increase customer service levels and pick out and fix bugs and faults in a multitude of industries, so you are doing a good service, however, the perks are the real treat. It isn’t a job that is suitable to everyone but it does provide a variety of perks, including a flexibility of lifestyle, managing your own time, different types of work every day and getting paid to shop!

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