The Mobile Office In Today’s World

The age of having an office with a door, private parking, and generous travel per diems to make outcalls or waiting as clients come to you for presentations is long past. No business can afford these type of facilities and laid back attitude and still be successful. Fortunately, with the laptop computers, internet accessibility, and smartphones that make up the office of today’s world mobile capability is a standard part of the job. You no longer make 2 or 3 trips to visit a client just to establish a relationship while a support staff prepares a presentation. In this era, you take a fully staffed and functioning office with you to make a full presentation on the first trip.

Making Best Use of Technology

One of the newest advantages to be taken advantage of is cloud computing and storage. Saving company files on the cloud instead of just the server allows access from remote locations to virtually anything that may come up unexpectedly. More importantly, it allows this access without risk co compromising the security of your servers by allowing access from multiple points. This prevents the need to return to the office to gather further documentation and information. If the company has it, by storing in with secured cloud access you can get to it from wherever you may be.

While PowerPoint presentations have been a business standard for years, with computer to computer screen sharing technology you can now do full presentations from any location to another and make a single presentation to multiple decision makers in another business without individual trips to each office. As well as being a more efficient use of your time, it allows you to address questions or objections by decision makers rather than relying on your contact at a company selling your presentation for you when they discuss individually in between speaking to each decision maker.

With a good business phone system, the forwarding of calls to your smart phone directly from the office is possible without the caller even being aware it was done. This is far more efficient and practical than taking messages or leaving voicemails and then spending an afternoon trying to call each other back. The sooner you are able to address any questions or even come to an agreement on an order, the less likelihood of losing the order and more important the client feels. Once again, with full access to all computer files you can safely take calls without fear of leaving questions unanswered or needing to remember the specifics discussed in a previous meeting.

Use of memory sticks and SD cards has changed. They used to be primarily used to take work product back and forth from home. They are now the preferred method of leaving a copy of the meeting highlights with a client or a copy of the presentation. Use of SD Cards will allow you to add any information not in your prepared PowerPoint presentation and negate the need to give clients direct access to the company cloud storage for improved security. Costing little more than a few color copies of a presentation they make a reliable and cost effective means of sharing files with a client.

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