The Importance of Verifying Your Job Applicant’s Social Security Number

You might have come across numerous instances when a large corporate house requires a job applicant to provide their Social Security Number on their job applications. This isn’t done without any purpose and offers you a lot of advantages while hiring a person for a job. Hiring the right candidate for the job is a tough process for any employer. You have to do a rigorous background check on the candidate. Verifying their academic credentials and skills isn’t enough as you need to run a thorough check on the background and make sure the person won’t invite any trouble in the future. In the United States, Social Security Numbers offer you a perfect tool to verify a job applicant and it is a must for all employers to verify the SSN of their candidates. Here in this article we shall look at the importance of verifying a job applicant’s Social Security Number.

Verifying Employability     
The first thing that you need to verify is whether a person is eligible to be employed in the United States. Given the fact that it is one of the largest and most vibrant economies in the world the United States attracts thousands of migrants some of who come to country in illegitimate ways. There have been numerous instances of candidates using a fake social security number in order to be eligible for a job. Thus you need to make sure that the person you are hiring is employable in the first place. The last thing that you would want is hire a person who’s SSN has been red flagged by the authorities. Such instances can land your company into trouble. However, there are a number of website such as that let you verify the SSN and a range of data about the person you are going to hire. For a small fee you can carry out multiple searches on their website which helps you scrutinized multiple job applicants in a short time span.

Verifying Credentials and Preparing Wage Reports    
SSN check also helps you in verifying the trustworthiness of the information that a candidate has offered in his/her resume. You can verify facts such as the date of birth of the person and his/her past and present address. Also the authorities in the United States have made it mandatory for Social Security Numbers to be verified in order to successfully process wage reports. SSN gives proper credit to your employees’ earnings record and this very information is used in determining their Social Security benefits in the future. Apart from this SSN verification can also help in minimizing the risk of errors that could “flag” the employer’s report.

Verifying Records               
With a proper SSN check you can carry out a comprehensive background check on the person that you might be hiring for your company. This includes Arrest Records, Court Records, Sex Offence Records, Property Records, Neighborhood Checks, Police Records and Nationwide Criminal Record etc. With all this knowledge you are rest assured that you can hire people who have a good moral character and are free of any criminal records in the past. To make it simple Social Security Number offers you an array of information provided you go through the correct channels.

With all these advantages verifying the SSN of a candidate is mandatory in today’s job scenario. When you have large number of applicants for a job this might seem to be a painstaking job. But the advent of the Internet has made it easy for the employers to verify the Social Security Numbers of a job applicant.

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