The Importance Of Using A Scaffold Tower

Construction workers generally work in very dangerous environments. They have to climb to dangerous heights just to work, and often have to carry heavy loads on precarious, unfinished walkways. Without proper support, a worker is likely to fall off and sustain some serious injuries. That is why scaffolding is a major requirement before construction work begins. Proper scaffolding needs to be installed around the building to protect the workers from falling off. It provides protection to the workers while they perform their duties at high altitudes, and also providing support.

The scaffolding continues to change with time, depending upon several factors. As construction continues, the scaffolding erectors will have to replace certain walkways and change a few things to accommodate for the increase in the size of the building. For small-scale construction projects, a scaffold tower is most commonly used.

What Is It?

Unlike a full-scale scaffolding erection, a scaffolding tower is designed mainly to provide support for the first couple of floors. The scaffolding tower is available in two variants: movable and stationary. Movable towers have wheels attached at the bottom. Once you position the tower in place, you can use the stands along the sides to fix it in one position. This allows you to balance and not worry about the tower wobbling under your feet while you are working at a considerable height. Stationary towers will have to be picked up and kept in a particular position. They have a reinforced base that prevents the tower from toppling over so easily.

The scaffolding tower is made from aluminium or stainless steel pipes. Due to their height and design, these towers are not shipped in one piece. They are mostly sold as DIY packages. The pipes and joints are taken apart and packed neatly into boxes. They are then shipped to the customer’s destination, where you must piece them together. Setting up the scaffolding tower is not a difficult task: all you have to do is follow the instructions in the user manual and put the pipes together as required. The instruction manual includes step by step guidelines that will make it easy for you to fix the whole tower in position with very little effort.


There are plenty of different situations in which you can use a scaffolding tower. Scaffolding towers are most commonly used at homes. If you want to carry out external repairs on the upper floors such as painting the exterior or fixing the windows, you can use the scaffolding tower to support you. To help you reach the top, the scaffolding tower also has a dedicated ladder. The ladder will make it easy for you to climb up to the top of the tower and perform maintenance and repairs.

These towers are also used by construction workers to carry out basic maintenance and construction work for the initial floors before a full-sized scaffolding is required. Standard towers allow you to work up to 4 meters off the ground without any support.

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